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Anmum Materna and the Anmum Mommy Circle

I am on my 27th week of pregnancy which means that my second trimester is drawing to a close. Right now, I feel very much better and healthier compared to my first trimester. For me, that phase is always the hardest to endure. This is my third pregnancy (though the second was a miscarriage) and it is always the same. I had to eventually combat severe vomiting, nausea, fatigue and all those nasty symptoms that come with being pregnant. I was literally on bed rest during those months because I also have placenta previa; sudden movements get me all queasy inside as well. So I took a very long break from my job and only came back working during the fifth month.

With regard to vomiting and nausea, these are some tips my OB Gyne gave me that greatly helped me get through my first trimester:

1.       Eat small, frequent meals.
2.       Stay away from acidic, spicy and fried foods.
3.       Suck on ice cubes! (You may even add different flavors. Mine was always orange!)
4.       Get plenty of rest.
5.       Drink Anmum Materna because it has Vitamin B6. Avocado and banana are also good sources of Vitamin B6.

With the last item on the list, I actually needed no second urging as I've been religiously drinking Anmum since January because hubby and I really planned on having our second child this year. It is also one of the first supplements my OB recommended when I was pregnant with Kuya Dirk. I drink 2 glasses per day, one between breakfast and lunch and another before going to sleep.

Aside from Vitamin B6 that helps reduce the effects of nausea, Anmum Materna is also a rich source of the following nutrients:

1.       IRON - Helps meet the significant increased requirement during pregnancy to reduce the risk of anemia.
2.       CALCIUM and VITAMIN D - Support development of strong bones and teeth.
3.       FOLATE - Critical for fetal nervous system development; important in preventing maternal anemia and fetal neural defects.
4.       FIBRE - Supports a healthy digestive system for the pregnant Mom.
5.       DHA and GA - Support overall mental and visual development.

Not only did it help me with nausea, drinking Anmum also aids in the healthy development of my growing baby.  It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!  

And when you are pregnant, you may have lots of questions to ask as well as thoughts and experiences to share.  So whether you are feeling anxious, excited or just want to have a chat, there will always be women in the Anmum Mommy Circle community in Facebook who knows what you are going through and can provide you with answers and tips that are helpful for your pregnancy.  Come and join the circle!

And before I conclude this post, I just would like to share that I’m having a healthy little princess. (Yey, may kakampi na ako!) Hehe. Here’s her ultrasound photo taken last Monday. 

My Smart Postpaid Retention Package

I've been truly happy with my Smart Gold 300 postpaid plan which I was enrolled to for about 4 years. One reason is because I am the type of person who would rather not go to neighborhood stores to look for a loading station every time my prepaid credit goes out. (I am a work-at-home Mom and my time is precious!) Another one is because it is really helpful in times of emergency. Even if I have maxed out my 300 credit limit and gets redirected, I can easily request for a temporary lift and resume using the service.

But in the recent months past, I always reach my credit limit so I figured it's time to update my current plan. And last Monday I did it at last. The helpful customer representative from Smart Communications in NE Pacific Mall, Cabanatuan City presented me with two options. A downgrade or an upgrade. I can either choose a Freedom Plan or an All-In Plan.

We had a lengthy discussion about the advantages of both plans, but in the end I decided to upgrade my plan to All-In 500. In doing so, I had my International Roaming activated and got this cute SamSung Galaxy Pocket s5300 handset for FREE as well. Yay!

Aside from the free handset, I've learned that I can also take advantage of various unli promos with my new plan. I was given a copy of the All-In Services Menu for reference.

I am really glad I upgraded. Now I can enjoy unli texting and talking without hurting my monthly budget!

How about you? Which do you prefer, prepaid or a post paid cell phone plan?

LandBank ATM Glitch Update

This update is long overdue, but I feel the need to post it anyway for the sake of people who would one day come across this post. (ATM Account Debited, Cash Not Dispensed)

LandBank said the money will be deposited back to my PNB savings account within 10 days, but it actually took 15 days! Money was withdrawn on September 6th and the reversal took effect on September 21st. Within this period, I checked my account thru Online Banking a few times a day. Haha. (As if it would help.)

Okay now, case closed. Though I am not happy at all with another reversal fee of Php 11.00. Sigh.

I just hope not to experience this unfortunate incident ever again nor to any of you! But then again, this kind of machine glitches happen everyday, we just need to know what to do just in case.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

ATM Account Debited, Cash Not Dispensed

I love Automated Teller Machines (ATM) since they are really convenient and open 24/7. But what should we do if they malfunction?

The Incident

Last Thursday morning (September 6th) while I'm busy working, my Mom's insurance agent dropped by to collect the quarterly payment which is already due on the 9th of this month. My Mom was away so I was left to entertain the guest; and hey, the responsibility of paying the agent passed on to me as well! :)

The thing is, I didn't have enough cash at the moment so I asked him to wait while I went to the nearest ATM to withdraw additional cash. The one closest is in the PhilRice (Philippine Rice Research Institute). By the time I got there, there were only two people waiting in line. And by observing the last person before me, the ATM still seemed to be working. So my turn came, I entered my PIN, the amount I wish to withdraw from my account and rubbed my hands. It's usually very very quick and I'll be home in several minutes to continue working on the task my Boss Pogi gave me. I really want to finish it ahead of schedule so I can spend more time doing freelance work (or sleep) that day. I remember I even whistled a tune while waiting for the ATM to dispense my cash.

The machine whirred and I placed my hand at the dispenser, ready to collect the money I withdrawn. But another few seconds passed and it's still whirring like crazy. I was dumbfounded when the machine proceeded to print and issue my receipt without dispensing my money. What the heck? I looked at the receipt and it says my account was debited Php 6,000.00. BUT WHERE IS MY MONEY? Hey, the ATM asked if I wish to do another transaction. I selected YES and do a balance inquiry. To my dismay, the second receipt shows the amount was indeed debited. I decided to end the torment and pulled out my card. As soon as I touched the card the screen displayed "MACHINE UNAVAILABLE". It also displayed the hotline numbers 1-800-104-057-000 and (02) 405-7000. I tried to call both while still on the ATM location but was unsuccessful to speak with any bank representative.

What did I do?

I almost panicked. I went to the security guard manning the main gate and reported the incident. My ATM card was PNB (Philippine National Bank) issued and the ATM facility I tried to use was LandBank's. The guard suggested that I report and file a complaint at the LandBank branch servicing the machine which is located at, unfortunately for me, the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) which is a bit far from my place. I thanked the guard, went home, apologized to the insurance agent and promised to pay the amount due the next day. Embarrassing to have him come back the next day but I had no choice. I can withdraw money the same day but that would mean he'll have to wait longer. He said he'll just drop by the next morning.

So okay, insurance temporarily settled. But I also had a scheduled meeting with my Boss Pogi on the afternoon so I had to email him and asked to re-schedule. I just said I needed to go urgently and I'll email him again once I'm back home.

I went to the New Accounts Department of LandBank-CLSU and told the bank personnel what happened. I showed her the receipts which clearly shows the balance, but she had me do a balance inquiry again at the ATM outside. I relented, and gave her the third receipt. She then asked me to fill up a complaint form with my Name, ATM number, Account Number, Amount Not Dispensed and an incident report. She told me it would take up to ten (10) days for the amount to be restored since my ATM card was issued by another bank. She said I should just wait and check my account balance after 10 days. Okay, fine. I said my thanks, withdrew the money I need from their ATM outside and went home extremely disappointed and wondering why I've been very unlucky that day.


Personal - I find it embarrassing to have a person come back again to collect payment from me. It's my Mom's insurance so I had no idea that it was already due.

Work - Uncomfortably re-scheduled a meeting. I feel bad having my Boss wait for another opportunity to discuss important work details with me. I also lost precious few hours that I can spend freelancing and earning additional money.

Finance - Spent Php 63.00 for ATM charges (Php 33.00) and PUV fare (Php 30.00 back and forth) that day. LandBank charges Php11.00 per withdrawal or balance inquiry (If ATM card was issued by another bank.) I also have to wait 10 days to get the money back to my account.

Anybody have similar experiences? What did you do and how long did it take for the money to be restored to your account? Share your stories!