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ATM Account Debited, Cash Not Dispensed

I love Automated Teller Machines (ATM) since they are really convenient and open 24/7. But what should we do if they malfunction?

The Incident

Last Thursday morning (September 6th) while I'm busy working, my Mom's insurance agent dropped by to collect the quarterly payment which is already due on the 9th of this month. My Mom was away so I was left to entertain the guest; and hey, the responsibility of paying the agent passed on to me as well! :)

The thing is, I didn't have enough cash at the moment so I asked him to wait while I went to the nearest ATM to withdraw additional cash. The one closest is in the PhilRice (Philippine Rice Research Institute). By the time I got there, there were only two people waiting in line. And by observing the last person before me, the ATM still seemed to be working. So my turn came, I entered my PIN, the amount I wish to withdraw from my account and rubbed my hands. It's usually very very quick and I'll be home in several minutes to continue working on the task my Boss Pogi gave me. I really want to finish it ahead of schedule so I can spend more time doing freelance work (or sleep) that day. I remember I even whistled a tune while waiting for the ATM to dispense my cash.

The machine whirred and I placed my hand at the dispenser, ready to collect the money I withdrawn. But another few seconds passed and it's still whirring like crazy. I was dumbfounded when the machine proceeded to print and issue my receipt without dispensing my money. What the heck? I looked at the receipt and it says my account was debited Php 6,000.00. BUT WHERE IS MY MONEY? Hey, the ATM asked if I wish to do another transaction. I selected YES and do a balance inquiry. To my dismay, the second receipt shows the amount was indeed debited. I decided to end the torment and pulled out my card. As soon as I touched the card the screen displayed "MACHINE UNAVAILABLE". It also displayed the hotline numbers 1-800-104-057-000 and (02) 405-7000. I tried to call both while still on the ATM location but was unsuccessful to speak with any bank representative.

What did I do?

I almost panicked. I went to the security guard manning the main gate and reported the incident. My ATM card was PNB (Philippine National Bank) issued and the ATM facility I tried to use was LandBank's. The guard suggested that I report and file a complaint at the LandBank branch servicing the machine which is located at, unfortunately for me, the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) which is a bit far from my place. I thanked the guard, went home, apologized to the insurance agent and promised to pay the amount due the next day. Embarrassing to have him come back the next day but I had no choice. I can withdraw money the same day but that would mean he'll have to wait longer. He said he'll just drop by the next morning.

So okay, insurance temporarily settled. But I also had a scheduled meeting with my Boss Pogi on the afternoon so I had to email him and asked to re-schedule. I just said I needed to go urgently and I'll email him again once I'm back home.

I went to the New Accounts Department of LandBank-CLSU and told the bank personnel what happened. I showed her the receipts which clearly shows the balance, but she had me do a balance inquiry again at the ATM outside. I relented, and gave her the third receipt. She then asked me to fill up a complaint form with my Name, ATM number, Account Number, Amount Not Dispensed and an incident report. She told me it would take up to ten (10) days for the amount to be restored since my ATM card was issued by another bank. She said I should just wait and check my account balance after 10 days. Okay, fine. I said my thanks, withdrew the money I need from their ATM outside and went home extremely disappointed and wondering why I've been very unlucky that day.


Personal - I find it embarrassing to have a person come back again to collect payment from me. It's my Mom's insurance so I had no idea that it was already due.

Work - Uncomfortably re-scheduled a meeting. I feel bad having my Boss wait for another opportunity to discuss important work details with me. I also lost precious few hours that I can spend freelancing and earning additional money.

Finance - Spent Php 63.00 for ATM charges (Php 33.00) and PUV fare (Php 30.00 back and forth) that day. LandBank charges Php11.00 per withdrawal or balance inquiry (If ATM card was issued by another bank.) I also have to wait 10 days to get the money back to my account.

Anybody have similar experiences? What did you do and how long did it take for the money to be restored to your account? Share your stories!


  1. Nangyari na rin saakin yan sa China bank haha. kaya ang tip saakin wag mag wiwithdraw sa mga bulok na bangko. PNB BDO BPI lang magandang mag withdraw mga bago ang machine.

    1. Haha, bulok talaga eh. Kung minsan kasi kailangan mo na talaga dahil emergency kaya yung pinakamalapit din ang mapupuntahan mo. LOL. PNB yung account ko pero ang malapit na ATM sa min ay LandBank. :P

      Thanks, Ralph!

  2. Hi.. nangyari sken to last friday ( Dec 21 2012 ). Nag file kaba ng complain sa luob? Kasi yun sken di na ako pinag file hintayin ko nalang daw yun money na babalik sa account ko in 7 days. I was totally worried about this. Sana lang balik nila agad yun amount na di na dispense sken. :(

  3. Hi, Wilkens!

    Yes, yung guard on duty ang napagtanungan ko kaya nung sinabi nyang mag-file ako ng complaint sa LandBank mismo nagsadya ako talaga sa branch. Kailangan daw kasi i-notify yung bank.

    Nakaka-stress, di ba? Sana maayos agad yang sa yo. Sa kin kasi inabot ng 15 days bago nabalik sa account ko yung funds. :(

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. sa land bank cagayan de oro dalawang beses nangyari. sa isa hindi nagbigay at ang pangalawa kulang ang bingay.

  5. Nangyari din sa amin yan sa may LandBank Cagayan de Oro Gateway. Nawithdraw namin yung pera noong May 3 at naereport agad noong May 4, sabi nong sa may New Account Landbank na sa may 7 babalik na yung pera pero hanggang ngayon wala pa din. 6 days na ang nakalipas wala pa din ang pera. Gagamiton pa naman ito sa importanteng bagay.

    1. Hello. Ilang days bago nabalik yung pera sa account mo?

  6. nangyari sa akin ngayun araw nagwithdraw ako 10000 php sa landbank atm machine bdo ang card ko tapos matagal ngayun kinancel ko lumabas yung card... ngayun inquire balance ko yung card ang nangyari nag bawas sya kaso wala naman binigay pera from the last withdrawal.... ano gagawin ko.... pero inform ko yung banko.... ngayun malapit lang naman sa amin ang landbank wala kasi bdo kaya sa landbank ako nag withdraw

    1. Punta ka na lang sa branch ng Landbank na malapit sa inyo. Sa New Accounts section ka dumiretso then explain mo na lang nangyari tapos ipakita mo yung receipt ng balance inquiry mo. Maibabalik naman pera mo kaso lang hassle, medyo matagal. :(