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Online Work Productivity Review: October 2012

October has come to an end so I'm doing a Productivity Review once again. Unlike the previous two months though, I earned just a little doing part-time jobs at oDesk this October. And like I said last month, I am currently trimming down my working hours because I'm already on my third trimester and I'm having a hard time finding comfort sitting in my chair for long hours even though I take frequent breaks.

I managed to snag a large data entry project, but it won't be completed until November 15th. And I don't do it all by myself, my sister-in-law and a friend is helping me complete that large database my client requires.

As for my full-time job, there has been lots of additional tasks because my Boss is currently on vacation in Hawaii and I was asked to take over two of his small start-up businesses. On this I can say I utilized my productivity and energy to the max! :) And though I accept part-time jobs on the side, my full-time job is still on top of my priorities.

So here's how much I earned during my free time (told you it's just a very small amount) on oDesk during the first week of October. I stopped after that, but maybe I'll resume working this November so I can have some extra moolah on Christmas. :)

oDesk earnings for October 2012

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