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My BDJ Box for October 2012

I am officially a Work-at-Home-Mom for 7 years now. I don't have to report to a physical office so I don't have the need to dress up and put make up. But hey, I do feel the need to be beautiful at least once in a while. Not for my colleagues, not for the acquaintances and strangers I bump into on the way to work, but for my husband and for myself. I'm really not the type of person who gets affected by other people's opinion of how I look but it's important for me to be the prettiest in my husband's eyes. :))

Beauty products are expensive though, especially those premium and high-end brands from overseas. I normally read excellent reviews of these products from the beauty bloggers I follow, but the price makes me reluctant to try them. We have different skin types, so what if it doesn't work for me? I don't want to waste my hard-earned money on a product that doesn't deliver, to think that only a few companies offer Money-Back Guarantees.

BDJ Box is the first try-before-you-buy or sampling site to launch in October 24, 2012. I instantly liked the idea, as this would make me updated on the latest trends in beauty and fashion. It's an exciting and fresh concept. It will also feed my desire to try new products as much as I can. 

More About BDJ Box

Subscription Plans:
  • P480 - 1 month (one time purchase, can be renewed monthly)
  • P480 - 1 month (recurring subscription, credit card will be billed every 10th of the month, can be canceled anytime)
  • P1400 - 3 months (one time purchase, can be renewed every 3 months)
  • P2800 - 6 months (one time purchase, can be renewed every 6 months)
  • P5280 - 1 year (one time purchase, can be renewed every year)
Payment Methods:
  • BPI
  • BDO
  • Metrobank
  • RCBC
  • Unionbank
  • Chinabank
  • EastWest
  • UCPB
  • PNB
  • GCash
  • Smart Money
  • Bancnet
  • Megalink
  • LBC
  • SM Retail Group
  • Paypal Money
  • Credit Cards via Paypal - coming soon!
Ongoing Promos:
  • First 100 subscribers of the 3-month plan gets a special premium-sized sample from Benefit Cosmetics
  • First 30 subscribers of the 6-month plan gets a VIP invite to an Intimate Guerlain Elite Event
  • Payments made for a 1 year plan from October to November 2012 gets an additional free BDJ Box and a BDJ Planner

Contents of October BDJ Box:

L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Daily Repairing Treatment, 50ml - Fights the five signs of damaged hair and makes hair stronger, smoother and shinier.
Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub, 50ml - Clears skin imperfections and prevents dirt from further building up.
L'Oreal Revitalift Intensive Night Repair Essence, 5ml - Stimulates your skin's natural lifters and revives your skin's firmness and elasticity.
L'Oreal Lucent Magique Skin Illuminating BB Cream SPF20, 5ml - Instantly brightens skin and evens out your skin colour with its lightweight formula.
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, 1.2ml -  Crafted for the stylish and sophisticated woman, this modern scent is inspired by the ocean breeze.
Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo, 100ml + Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Conditioner, 100ml - The perfect tandem designed to moisturize dry, frizzy and brittle hair.
Yves Rocher Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion 4 in 1, 15ml - Helps skin against blemish and residual marks with organic Aloe-Vera and anti-bacterial salicylic acid.
Garnier Skin Naturals Light SPF17, 8ml - Moisturizes, whitens and evens out your skin tone as you protect it from the sun. 

My Observations:

The Surprise Factor - I signed up in their website and paid for a 1-month subscription. And though their website says the boxes are mailed out every 3rd week of the month, I received mine in just 3 days! Naisip ko, bakit ang bilis? I actually thought I'll be getting the November box as I signed up on November 2nd but they still sent me the box for October. It kinda ruined it for me, because I already know the contents of the October box from different blogs I visited prior to signing up with them. A photo of the October Box's contents is posted in their website and Facebook page as well.

The Personalization Factor - The website says the contents of the box you will receive depends on your beauty profile. When you sign up, you will be asked to answer a set of questions about your face, skin, hair, lifestyle and other preferences. But I have only seen one (1) set of products so far. 

My Suggestions:

This might be hard to do, because the subscribers pay on different dates, but maybe they can implement a cut-off schedule so they can ship out the all the boxes in the same day?

It would also be more fun if they can encourage their subscribers to post about the contents maybe 3 days after the shipping of the boxes? Just to make sure everybody already received theirs before they see the contents online. Haha.

Nevertheless, I'm still happy with the items I got. It's worth so much more than P480. Shipping to your home address is also FREE of charge. They're still in Beta-phase and I understand that the system is not flawless yet. The people behind BDJ Box are customer-friendly based on what I've seen in their Facebook and Twitter pages. I'm sure they are looking for ways to improve in order to serve their subscribers better.

(I'll try the Points/Rewards system first and update this as soon as I get more information and details.)

My Verdict:

I'll renew my subscription again next week so I can get the November Box. Like I said, it's so sulit for a budget-conscious WAHM like me. I recommend subscribing to BDJ Box for your monthly dose of beauty essentials. Try+Review before you Buy!


  1. I would really want to get this before but I'm trying to budget my money for Christmas but I see that most bloggers have positive feedback on the first box. Sigh! I should have got one! :(

  2. Never heard this before. But looks interesting! Is being a work at home mom never gets tired? I mean do you earn much to support your kid/s? :)

  3. try-before-you-buy, wow! that's a very fair deal. And the subscription plan looks okay. Paggising ni misis, pababasa ko sa kanya ito.

  4. This box is packed with treats for a Work at Home Mom and ladies in general. Try before you buy concept is a no-lose scenario.

  5. i got mine the other day and yes, it's sulit. i like the concept very much. you get to test out products first before committing to their full-size versions.

  6. I may get this just for gift. i don't use much beauty products. Since, I am a guy and I need low maintenance to keep my skin healthy.

  7. I wonder if shipping fee is also same or free for those in the province? I also would like to subscribe.

    1. Sis, I live in the province as well. Shipping is already included. :))

    2. Where is the link lex so I can join too haha!

    3. Teh Lu!

      These are subscription sites:

      And this one, sabi nila free samples daw may mga tasks lang na gagawin to gain credits. So I signed up, too. Pero di pa sila nag-launch.


      Hihi. Thanks for visiting, teh.

  8. Cool online shopping site. Try before you buy sort of thing is a great win for consumers.

  9. Wow! This is good news! It's my 1st time reading such online site and service. I'd like to try it someday. ヅ

  10. Great idea for those who haven't found their perfect match of skin care products.

  11. This is interesting! :) But it has to be monthly? Or I can just order on any month I feel I need to? :D

    1. You can subscribe for 1 month and you have the option to renew anytime.

    2. Lexi let me know the link how to join please :)

  12. whoah!! ive encountered a lot of posts about this BDJ. thought it was just a "luho" but you get every detail of it, it is a financial beauty plan kasi makakatipid ka nga. thanks for this! :D

  13. Nice cool new product or branding endorsement. Been seeing this box floating around the blogger world.

  14. I've been a BDJ Power Planner girl ever since this company started out. Every year, I never fail to avail of their planner as I am a planner girl myself. Since I've a very short term memory, planners are very important for me to jot down the things needed to be done before the wind blew them away from my head. =)

    I've heard about this BDJ Box from one of the emails I got from them too... I checked out the site, registered but havent given the subscription a thought. I guess its because I dont really use beauty products. The only make up I use are lipstick & really light blush on. Dont even know how to apply eye make-up...

    Will try this soon. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  15. "It would also be more fun if they can encourage their subscribers to post about the contents maybe 3 days after the shipping of the boxes? Just to make sure everybody already received theirs before they see the contents online. Haha."

    This one's a nice idea although some might want to check blog posts first so that they can have an impression whether it's is worthy to acquire the box. I love how you thoroughly reviewed the box and even included the personalization factor. Let's see how next month's box will complement our answers to the beauty quiz. Also, your Yves Rocher blemish product seems interesting! :D

  16. I only bought beauty products when my supply last but buying them for bulk I think they will stock on me and will come to their expiration

  17. So this is what BDJ Box has inside, cool though I never used any of the products. I only got a BDJ planner not the box. :)

    From ComEx 11/6

  18. Super neat! I wouldn't mind spending a few box for this.

  19. OMG another BDJ box! hahaha I envy you girls! I'll buy mine too next month XD
    Sulit naman ang 495 noh? :P

  20. I love it! I have always wanted the BDJ planner, now I want the monthly box too.

  21. I like to recommend this to my bestfriend at the office. She's actually looking for something like this. Thanks!

  22. there are a lot of competing brands out there. i shopped around and sampled many brands before i picked certain brands that i preferred, such as The Body Shop,Wet N Wild, and St. Ives, and similar natural products.

  23. I have registered but I am still thinking whether I buy a box or not. I am really low-maintenance. shampoo+soap+deodorant+toothpaste is my beauty formula. LOL!

  24. this is interesting. ill show this to hubby and hopefully he'll say yes.