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Thank You for the Love, EQ Diapers!

EQ's I Love You Mom Promo 2011
EQ Diapers is one of the local brands closest to my heart. Not only because I won the Grand Prize in their Mothers' Day Contest last year, but also because I truly support their affordable and quality products. (Anyways, the 20k I won greatly helped my family pay one of my Dad's chemo sessions.)
Starter Kit from EQ Diapers

Through some of my Facebook friends, I've learned that EQ launched another promo for expecting Moms. I signed up in the EQ Diapers website last month and submitted my pregnancy details. And yipee, I received my EQ Starter Kit last Monday. Another great news is, I will also be a member of the EQ Baby Club automatically after giving birth and will have access to all their exciting promos and rewards. Yey, thanks again EQ Diapers! Preggy Moms, check out the complete Mechanics in the EQ website (link at the end of this post)

And aside from the Expecting? promo for expecting Moms, EQ also have the following ongoing promos in their website:

Dining Pals

EQ Baby Club
 Don't forget to join the EQ Baby Club, Moms! :)

EQ Diapers Facebook Page
EQ Diapers Website
EQ Baby Club


  1. I seldom use EQ, I should try this one when I'll have another baby.

  2. I used EQ just once but there's something about it that I didn't like for my babies. But the perks are quite nice! Congrats! -ceemee

  3. congratulations mommy lexie. we used EQ with my daughter but unfortunately hindi sya naging kahiyang nung son ko so we switched to a different brand...then transitioned to cloth diapers (at disposables pag umaalis) :)

    i followed your blog btw.