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Caring for your Feet with Neat Feat

Image courtesy of ManilaFitness.com
Sometimes, we focus our attention on our face too much that we neglect our humble little feet which is the foundation of our whole body. Admittedly, I am guilty of this a lot of times especially now that I am pregnant. I can't even massage my feet regularly because I can't reach them. But caring for our feet does not end with proper skin care. We should also look for ways to give our feet comfort and cushioning to avoid foot problems.

Enter Neat Feat, a brand of High Performance Foot and Body Care Toiletries for an active, healthy lifestyle. I only read about Neat Feat from other blogs I frequently visit, and I did not expect to win a range of their products from a blog giveaway. (Thank you, Mom-to-be Ginger & Manila Fitness!) So now I have the means to ensure that my feet will always be comfy and well-supported whenever I wear high heels. I actually only keep the 3B and Feminine Slimline products and gave away everything else to my husband and my youngest brother who are both very passionate with playing basketball. (Feeling athletes! Haha.) Listed below are the complete list of products I received. 

Full Length Cushioning In-Sole (M) 
  • Absorbs heel shock
  • Stabilizes your foot
  • Conserves your foot structure
  • Gives correction on foot faults
  • Specially designed to improve foot posture and relieve stress on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back
Diabetic Self-Moulding In-Sole (M)
  • Provides better pressure distribution
  • Soft tissue arch support
  • Cushions and protects the entire planter surface
  • Insulates against cold hard-walking surfaces
  • Reduces the force of impact and supports the arch
  • Deep heel cups gives stability and support
  • Provides maximum foot protection without taking up needed space in shoe
  • Plastazote is widely recommended for people with diabetes, arthritis or any other skin disorder that requires your foot to be friction free
Heel Lift (M)
  • Adjustable height for your maximum convenience and comfort
  • Helps your pelvic and back alignment
Heel Cups (M)
  • Relieves painful heel discomfort and heel spurs
  • Gives comfort and relief from foot fatigue
  • Relieves arthritic joints and shin splints
Gel Metatarsal Pad
  • Provides cushioning under the ball of the foot to ease ball of foot pain and help prevent callus development.
  • Provides extra protection padding to help comfort the pain caused by metatarsal soreness.
  • The soft gel pad stays securely in place by a comfortable toe loop.
Gel Heel Cushion
  • Absorbs shock and relieves pressure while easing plantar fascitis and other painful conditions affecting heels.
  • Their durable, Gel construction supports heels to make walking, running and long periods of time more comfortable.
  • They do not take up much room in the shoe but improve foot comfort greatly.
Gel Toe Rings
  • Neat Feat Gel toe rings fit securely over toes and are lined with a layer of polymer gel that provides superior protection for sensitive toes
  • They are perfect to protect toes against pressure and rubbing especially in the case of clawed toes or hammer toes
  • They also provide superior cushioning for painful corns and blisters
Odour Guard Insoles
  • Designed for everyday shoes, using a charcoal backing with foam underlay
  • Provides comfort and instantly kills foot and work boot odor 
 Feminine Slimline Range

Gel Corn Pads
  • Fits snugly around the corn
  • Absorbs pressure and provides instant pain relief
  • Adhesive backing to apply to foot so corn pad stays firmly in place
Gel Slingback Strips
  • Helps to prevent shoe straps cutting into the foot, rubbing and slipping
  • Adhesive backing to apply to the shoe
  • Maximum comfort from quality polymer gel
Gel Heel Shields
  • Designed to fit the contour of the heel of the shoe
  • Protect your heels from painful rubbing and discomfort
  • Adhesive backing to fix in the shoe
  • Maximum comfort from quality polymer gel
Gel Forefoot Insole
  • Shock absorbers for sore feet
  • Non-slip adhesive backing to apply to shoe
  • Gently cushions the forefront of the foot to ease discomfort
Gel Heel Cushions
  • Shock absorbers for the heel of the feet
  • Non-slip adhesive backing for the shoe
  • Gently cushions the heel of the foot to ease discomfort and tender areas
Gel Blister Pads 
  • Oval blister pads with adhesive backing can be applied to affected area or shoe
  • Maximum comfort from quality polymer gel
  • Helps cushion and protect sensitive areas from shoe rubbing
 Neat 3B Line

Neat 3B Action Cream 75g
  • Prevents sweat rash and chafing
  • Between the legs
  • Between the buttocks
  • Between the breasts
  • Ideal for athletes, hikers or sports people
  • Developed by New Zealand Doctors
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Works by removing all moisture in the affected area
Neat 3B Face Saver 50g
  • Prevents excess facial perspiration
  • Reduces excess facial wetness and shine
  • Can be applied before usual facial makeup
  • Light gel leaves no facial residue, no deposit, no stickiness
  • Easy and smooth to apply
  • Makeup and sunscreens stay on longer
  • Keeps makeup looking fresh all day even in hot weather
I am particularly happy with the 3B Action Cream I got, because it's not only for athletes but also for pregnant women like me. The gain in size and weight when pregnant can lead to sweat rash and chafing in the areas that rub with each other or with clothing. This can especially happen in the warmer months or in warmer climates. And the Neat 3B Action Cream treats this issue. 

Store Locations

WATSONS - Fairview, Frontera Verde, Gateway, Megamall A3, MOA B, North EDSA Annex, Podium
ROBINSONS DEPARTMENT STORE - Galleria, Ermita, Festival, Metroeast

Connect with Neat Feat

(*Product details and images are copied from the Neat Feat website)


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