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Yoga Lifestyle: A Great Way to Live

Going to Yoga classes, wearing the proper attire and knowing the proper greetings don’t make anyone an expert of Yoga. It takes time, discipline and a lot of work for anyone to achieve the best results Yoga could ever provide for an aching body.  It must come from within. Fancy clothes and equipment do not mean anything if a person’s emotional and mental state is not 100% into the program. A person’s core values will show if he or she is living the Yoga Lifestyle.

Most people think that Yoga is all about the stretching and strengthening the body. This is just not true. Yoga heals a person from within and its effects can be seen through a person’s character, disposition and physical appearance. In other words, a person who lives a yoga lifestyle will exhibit happiness all throughout the day.  Yoga is not just about exercise. It is a lifestyle practice that will enhance an individual’s awareness of his surroundings, of other people and most of all himself. This lifestyle involves proper diet, & personal hygiene. It also includes serenity of the mind, breathing exercises, meditation and even posture. 

Spiritual teachers and Yoga experts define Yoga as “perfection in action.” This means that, everything one does, benefit someone and does no harm to anyone. Violence is not an option. Compassion is the key. This is the Yoga lifestyle. The idea of non-violence is an important standard in Yoga. Ghandi, for example, dedicated his life to maintaining this attitude. This is known in Sanskrit as Ahimsa. He is a great epitome of a true Yogi. 

The Yoga Lifestyle also includes principles such as Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non stealing), Brahmacharya (faithfulness) and Aparigraha (non-greed). 

Every person can practice the following principles in their daily activities in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, a person can practice Ahimsa treating every creature of God with love, care and respect. Satya can be exercised when a person deals with other people. He must see to it that he tells the truth but with proper discretion. Some truths can harm people so people must practice this with care. Asteya can be done by taking only what is needed and what is rightfully yours. Practice Brahmacharya by not betraying your relationship with people. Practice Aparigraha by being simple. 

These principles make up the Yoga lifestyle. By following these ideas, having a Yogic life is not that difficult.


  1. Interesting. Those concepts are the fundamentals of living a righteous life, much like the Christian principles, just having different names. Whatever works, I guess, it doesn't matter what you call it. Living a healthy lifestyle works wonders.

  2. I'm glad you wrote this piece because people forget that there is more to yoga than the hatha yoga exercises.