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Miss Fox: Perfumes Made with Kisses in France!

Though I've always been a loyal Clinique fan, I find it so much fun to try different fragrances just to satisfy my insatiable sense of smell. I'm a fan of perfumes and colognes that have that ability to capture my senses and evoke nostalgia.

Last week, I ordered Miss Fox's Classique 50 ml Parfum from Miss Fox Store. And after 5 days of waiting, it finally arrived. Yay! The staff of Miss Fox are very sweet that they included samples of other variants so I can try them as well. So aside from Miss Fox Classique which I ordered, I also received stocking stuffers of Summer Fling, Midnight Mischief and Mister Fox Classique which was only released last Monday.

Who is Miss Fox?

Miss Fox is a perfume boutique founded in 2012. Their perfumes are made with kisses in France and lovingly packaged in Manila. Miss Fox's mission is to add some feist and flirting spirit in every girl's life.

Miss Fox Line
Classique - A brew of currant, vanilla and raspberry. A sweet smelling perfume perfect for both day and night. 
Midnight Mischief - Spicy, woody with a hint of fruit - a teasing concoction of black currant, raspberry and cedar. Use sparingly, it's a very potent love potion!
Summer Fling - Instant mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Mr. Lifeguard! Minus the drowning in the deep salty sea, Of course! Fruity, fresh with the flirty combination of green apple, cucumber and rose to make him come hither!
Hey, Sugar! - Don't blame us if the hot quarterback is all over you. You smell like caramel, French bon-bons and vanilla for crying out loud!
Mister Fox Line
Classique - A very happy brew of citrus, marine and other sea notes, MR FOX captures the just-got-out-of-the-shower fresh and sexy scent.
Astaire - Dedicated for the quintessential gentleman. It is an elegant brew of White Musk, Vanilla and some spicy and woody notes like blood mandarin and cedar. Just like Fred Astaire, its namesake, it is effortlessly classy and sexy.
Things to Note:

Scent: The scent is good, wholesome and sweet. Something that my teenage sister would find appealing. I actually bought this for her and I know that she'll be as happy and satisfied as I am.

Packaging: The bottle is super cute as well as the label. The box's design is pretty and the inner part is lined with bubble wraps. But for some reason, might be due to courier's mishandling, the top and the bottom parts are already creased and wrinkled when I received it.

Price: Php 400.00 per bottle, plus shipping fee.

Payment Options: G-Cash, BDO, Paypal, Credit Card

Delivery: They ship orders via Xend. Orders may take 2-3 days within Metro Manila and 3-5 days for provincial addresses. No shipping on holidays.

My Verdict:

Miss Fox perfumes would make perfect gifts for perfume lovers in your shopping list this Christmas. There are enough variants to choose from so you can match the scent according to the recipient's personality. Needless to say, there's a Miss and Mister Fox for every body.

To have an idea on how Miss fox perfumes smell like, please check out the Miss Fox website for the fragrance notes of each variant.

Miss Fox Store Contact Details:

Miss Rossanne Pendoza
Miss Fox Store
Miss Fox on Facebook


  1. Lovely perfume bottles. Haven't seen this scent for sale here

  2. I love perfumes and would love to have any of the above perfumes to add to my collection

  3. Yeah this Miss Fox perfumery is a good Christmas gift. I like perfume especially with a good smell.

  4. A new perfume product my wife will surely try. Mura lang din per bottle.

  5. Php 400.00 per 50ml bottle? I'm not a perfume girl but I might try this. The bottle is so cute. :)

  6. I think this one is reasonably price and women would just love this.

  7. Miss Fox is perfect to share with friends this Christmas! Mura na for a perfume ) Pwede igift..

  8. indeed it is a great idea for christmas gifts this holiday!! great packaging also! xx

  9. i heard about this perfume but i haven't tried it. the packaging so girly and cute.. it feels like it's for teenage girls. :)

  10. Nice ,sadly , i don't use perfume .Not for my asthma, once I smell even a bit of it or any alcohol scent, my asthma will chase me.

  11. their design is really cool!! I wish they had a line for men too like Mr. Fox.. haha.. :)

    1. LOL Justin, they have a Mister Fox line as well. It's in my post. :)

  12. wow this is a good idea for christmas presents nga.. kaya lang 50ml lang siya?? hmmmm

  13. Yay thanks for sharing this! Btw I'm not a fan of perfumes, although my sisters give me theirs. Last time I had was Burberry The Beat, a small bottle. And now Burberry Summer a big bottle which my Ate gave it to me. I want to try that too I hope I could smell it first muna. hihi :D