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PhilRice Tower Lighting 2012

I still remember how I accepted a job offer from the Social Security System (SSS) Cabanatuan City Branch in 2005 only to find myself back at the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) again after a couple of weeks. Why? Simply because it's more fun in PhilRice! Haha. Too bad I had to leave my job there and decided to be a work-at-home Mom and Wife for my boys.

Anyway, PhilRice held its 20th Tower Lighting Ceremony last December 7, 2012 spearheaded by Executive Director Eufemio T. Rasco Jr. It's an annual event conceptualized by Dr. John C. De Leon in 1992. More than 500 guests troop to the main gate this year to witness the amazing fireworks display, the creative tower lights design and this year's new addition, the flying Chinese lanterns. The event also featured drum and lyre presentations by pupils from Maligaya Elementary School, a mini parade, food stalls and kiosks, "baratillos", garage sales, dancing and singing contests and a live band who played for guests until midnight.

This 2012, the tower was designed to highlight National Year of Rice (NYR) 2013 as declared by President Benigno Aquino III via Proclamation No.494 to enlist the support of farmers, consumers, and policy-makers in the country’s endeavor to be rice self-sufficient. The theme's slogan is “Sapat na Bigas, Kaya sa Pinas”. Very catchy, isn't it?

Below are some of the photos taken by Architect Rene Bajit during the event. (Thanks, Ka Rene!)

So, until next year... Merry Christmas and Happy 27th Anniversary, my beloved PhilRice!


  1. You are working at PhilRice pala. Nice to see kababayan here.
    I took my OJT at ASPPD in 2001 and some of my schoolmates are at Rice Chem.

    1. Hi, Daddy Allan! Used to... Hehe. Not anymore. I'm a full-time WAHM now.

      Si Henry Corpuz ba ka-batch mo? Or sina John Jill?

  2. I get excited like a child when I witness these things. Nothing beats the experience of seeing the spectacular display of lights and colors of fireworks in person. The lighted tower looks gorgeous too!

  3. Those lanterns remind me of the movie Tangled. I love the lights during the Christmas holidays.

  4. Lovely fireworks picture. I love watching fireworks live when I get the chance. Really awesome pictures of light.

  5. What a lovely fireworks display! I sure would like my 6-year-old son to see something like that here in the Metro.

  6. we are indeed facing a rice crisis, the government’s rice self sufficiency target is nothing but hype and propaganda...
    one thing that the Aquino administration should do is to regulate and control the influx of imported rice in our local market and PNoy should negotiate with the WTO for unconditional retention of our rice quantitative restrictions

  7. Merry Christmas! PhilRice tower is so bright and festive. :)

  8. The lighting of the PhilRice building is so nice mommy Lexi, and you are still loyal to your old company, hehe!

  9. Brilliant, that tower looks great with all the lights on there