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Placental Grading and its Purpose

I can't hardly wait to see and touch my baby. It should've been today (December 8) if not for the result of my most recent ultrasound last Tuesday. Turned out that my baby is not ready to born yet.

According to both my OB-Gyn and my Sonologist, I have a Grade III placenta already but my baby's features seem to be around borderline term only which means that there is still risk that her lungs are not fully-developed yet. Of course, I wouldn't want to take the risk for any reason at all. I want my baby to be safe. So here I am, waiting for a few weeks more. I just couldn't contain my excitement here.

Placental Grading and its Purpose

Placental Grading by ultrasound is a method used to grade a placenta based on its structural changes. It is done to determine the age or maturity of the placenta, assess the fetus' gestational age and to predict fetal lung maturity.

Placental Grading System

Grade 0 - The earliest of the placental grades, usually within the late first trimester to early second trimester. No calcium or fibrinoid depositions were seen and the placental surface was smooth.

Grade I - Mid-second trimester to early third trimester. Some diffuse calcium and fibrinoid deposition.

Grade II - Late third trimester till delivery or around 30 weeks until delivery. Beginning formation of septa, at the maternal side clear calcium deposition.

Grade III - The highest grade. Late third trimester till delivery or around 39 weeks. Cotyledons are present, a great number of calcium and fibrinoid deposition at the maternal and fetal sides, with infarcts and 'holes' by sectioning.

Final Impressions:

Pregnancy uterine 37 weeks AOG by fetal biometry.
Cephalic presentation, singleton, live female fetus.
Estimated fetal weight = 2,898 GMS. +/- 423 GMS.
Good heart activity - 129 BPM
Active fetal movements.
Adequate amniotic fluid volume AFI = 11.6 CM.
Placenta posterior, Grade III, no previa.
EDD: January 01, 2013.

My OB-Gyn has made it clear to me that a C-Section at the wrong time have a risk of fetal prematurity so accurate timing is of dire importance. With that said, we have re-scheduled my C-Section on December 18th tentatively (I'm around 39 weeks pregnant by then).

So until then. We're all very excited to meet you, Baby Amara!


  1. Truly exciting times! Congratulations and see you soon Baby Amara!

  2. Malapit na! :) I'm so excited to read about your delivery and to see photos of your baby girl!

  3. You're almost there sis. Hang in there. You'll see your bundle of joy very very soon :)

    CE 12/4

  4. Malapit na talaga. Goodluck sis :)

  5. All the best to you and your baby! Hang in there. I am sure that all the waiting will be worth it when you see her for the first time. :)

  6. Wow! I'm sure that you are super excited to see your baby. Malapit na. That will be the loveliest day of your life.

  7. If it is a placenta grade 3, the baby is preparing itself to be ready for the outside world! Why are you thinking of Cesarean Section?

    1. I had to undergo C-Section with my first-born in 2008. I did try natural birth, but after a half-day of labor my cervix is still at 2cm, my baby is still floating and he's already post-term. Just a few minutes after he's out of my womb, he pooped. Almost pooped inside my belly which would've brought further complications.

      That's why I'm having a C-Section for the second time. :)

  8. I remember reading ultrasound results monthly, then weekly, then every couple of days on my first pregnancy. I carried twins then who had growth discordancy and had to be closely monitored until they had to be taken out via c-sec.
    Your baby and you seem to be doing fine, why don't you opt for natural birth?

  9. malapit na!!! i remember being impatient at 39 weeks. i also have the same question...bakit prepare for CS?

  10. I know nothing about this kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing that above info hehe. Good luck on the delivery po.

  11. It sure is best to wait until the baby is ready and will be born healthy. It's good that they got to check before your schedules CS.

  12. The grading is interesting, it would help doctors in providing medical attentions to new born babies ahead of their schedule. Again God bless you and your baby.

  13. its more good to wait until the baby is ready... i am sure you can wait until then..:) have a safe delivery..

  14. Have a safe delivery. Don't know much about all the stuff you have written. Will have to reread them one day. Who knows? :D