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Approved Refund Request from GoDaddy

On December 11th, I checked my online bank statement and was surprised to see a Php4,668.17 charge from GoDaddy. Upon checking, it turned out to be a one-year hosting renewal for a supposed-to-be blog project that I decided not to pursue anymore. I didn't realize that the auto-renew is on. My fault. I got really stressed because with that amount, I can buy so many presents for my family and godchildren already. Also, it's my daughter's birthday three days later and I would appreciate additional funds just in case my budget isn't enough.

I decided I'd appeal for a refund. Right then and there I sent a very nice refund request to billing@godaddy.com. Within two hours, I received this response:
Thank you for contacting Online Support. If you did not wish to renew the item(s) in question, we will be happy to offer you a refund or an In-Store Credit for your account. An In-Store Credit is an account credit that can be used for any future orders by selecting In-Store Credit in the shopping cart. However, we will need you to first cancel the item(s) in question within 45 days of the renewal date. Once canceled, please reply to this email and specify whether you would prefer a refund or In-Store Credit for the canceled item(s).
So I cancelled the hosting for the domain and emailed them back to let them know that I would prefer a refund. Their staff are really really fast and very accommodating. Here's what they sent:
Thank you for your response.  I have requested that a refund be applied to your account as per your request. Please allow 5-7 business days to see the funds applied to the associated payment method. If you do not see your refund within 7 business days you will want to contact the financial institution linked to the original payment method for further assistance.
And so I thanked them and sent a Christmas greeting in return. True enough, I received the refund in my bank account just five days later. Yey!

Here is the timeline of the incident:

12/11 - My bank was charged with Php4,668.17 for 1-year hosting renewal.
12/12 - Emailed GoDaddy Support and requested for a refund, which was approved the same day.
12/16 - Refunded amount received in my bank account.
I really commend GoDaddy Support Team for an excellent customer service. I went back to my account and made sure that the auto-renew is OFF for items that I have no plans of keeping.

Anybody with a similar experience? How many days later did you receive your refund?

Blog-Blog Din Pag May Time

Hi, Mommies!

Google is rolling out its latest Page Rank update today until the next couple of days perhaps, and the blogging community is buzzing with excitement. I, on the other hand, feel a little anxious and worried. Why? Because I've been a very very bad blogger the past few months. 

My blog updates are very few and far between. I got lazy busy. I used to tell myself that I don't care about losing my blog's PR, pero eto ako ngayon at kakaba-kaba because my blog is in danger of losing its PR1 status. Why wouldn't I get worried eh a couple of weeks ago I found out that my Domain Authority dropped from 31 to 29. Most advertisers want at least 30 pa naman. Huhu.

Anyway, I'll be doing some changes over the next couple months in both its content and design. When I started this blog, I didn't have a plan, ang gulo-gulo tuloy. Pati ako naguguluhan. I am tempted to enroll in a blogging academy I found via Facebook but I find it a bit expensive. 8k yata. At this point I am still not ready to invest that much, ang dami namang free resources sa internet. I would greatly benefit with the coaching sessions siguro, pero hindi pa din. Try ko pa din mag-DIY na lang muna. :)

Wish me luck!

Dirk's Progress: First and Second Grading Period

On November 29th, I saw my son's report cards at last. The school did not release the cards for the First Grading Period because their teacher had a miscarriage and a replacement took over the class. The grades were not submitted on time so it was agreed that both the first and the second grading results will be released at the same time. And here it is!

Yes, success! Nakaka-PROUD! My son seems to be good in academics. Mukhang mas matalino sa akin. Math - 99.20 eh ako sa Math hirap na hirap. Haha. Naks, Top 2 ang bebe ko at wala pang 1 point ang lamang ng topnotcher nila. I'm a super duper proud WAHM!

When I enrolled him last June, I am only hoping that he makes it through the school year without any incident - like tantrums at the classroom - because up until I saw his report cards, I thought that's the only thing he's really good at. Throwing tantrums - at home at least three times a day, at the mall, at the church... everywhere! Haha. Ang sama ko! But really, I am glad that his teacher says he is well-disciplined, polite and good in recitations and discussions. I was like "Wow, that's totally unexpected!". May ganun pala, makulit sa bahay pero disiplinado sa school.

The teacher also said he shows inclination to Music and Arts. This, I already know. When we went to SM City Pampanga last year, he was insisting on buying a drum set for kids. He was only four years old then, so I didn't give in even though he was crying at the store already. Such madness. Haha. Naloloka ako pag naaalala ko. Until now, every time we go to SM Pampanga, iniiwasan namin ang store na yun. Baka makita na naman at magngangawa dun.

Husband and I talked about it, and we agreed on buying him more expensive things when he knows how to take care of them already. As of now, hindi pa din. So no drum set for him as of yet. If he grows up and decides to be a musician, I'm sure hindi lang drum set ang ipabibili nya. I saw a fryette amps at musicians friend, even if the website says their price is very competitive and affordable parang di pa din kaya ng budget. Nakakaloka, pag naging musician ang anak ko mukhang mamumulubi ako. Hahaha.

And then I realized, we really need to save more so we can support our children in whatever career path they decide to take in the future. Their dreams are our dreams. And as parents, nothing can make us feel happier than seeing our children making their dreams turn into reality.

Nature's Plus Animal Parade Vitamins

Photo courtesy of susivinh of Flickr
Too many parents neglect the importance of nutrition for their children. They do not do it on purpose. To keep from this bad habit, check out Nature's Plus Animal Parade vitamins and essentials.

This company makes some of the world's best vitamins for children. Vitamins are a great way for anyone to get their nutritional needs met each day. It is the next best thing to eating raw vegetables and fruits. Some additional properties in vitamins cannot be found in everyday foods. This is why it is great to take one on a daily basis.

Children should be fed these daily because it helps them grow stronger each day. Too many kids do not eat properly in America. It is leading to obesity, depression, and many other ailments. Do not allow this to happen to your kids. Stop it before it gets too late. In addition to these vitamins, make sure your children get enough daily activity.

These supplements will work alongside physical activity of your children each day. Most kids like to run around and have fun, so that should not be a big problem. If your kids are watching too much television though, keep them busy with other things.

The animal shapes for these supplements are a great way to get your kids interested in them. They can talk about the different kinds of animals they see. If you share a fun fact with them about the animal, they might take them on their own. Try to find clever ways to get them to take the vitamin.

Separation Anxiety

(1) Kuya playing with his little sister (2) Ready for school and kissing Kassy goodbye
(3) My daughter trying to follow her Kuya (4) Furiously banging the door LOL
Hi, Moms! What's your typical morning looks like? Ours look like the photo above. Well actually, even messier. :)

Since it's Dirk's examination week, he leaves for school at 8:40 instead of 12:30 during regular days. So that means husband and I don't have enough time to clean the house first unless we wake up really really early - around 5:00 which we couldn't do because we work late and sleep late. So for this week, house cleaning doesn't happen until 11:00 when father and son gets home.

I notice that the bond and the attachment between brother and sister is growing stronger every day. Months ago, you wouldn't hear Kuya wishing that his little sister could come with him to school so they can play together with all his classmates; or worse, that he doesn't want to go to school anymore so they can play all day.

My infant daughter, on the other hand, seems to be developing separation anxiety. According to Wikipedia, "Separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is a psychological condition in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment (e.g. a parent or sibling)."  It's pretty common, especially in Asian countries like the Philippines where babies are rarely separated from their parents or siblings.

Kassy is now 10 months old, and at the peak of showing signs of separation anxiety from me, her Dad and her Kuya. She gets upset and cries when one of us is not in the same room with her, glancing around like crazy looking for the missing face. I never ever want to see her cry so I take her along with me wherever I go, bathroom included (sometimes!).

I don't mind that I can't go to the supermarket alone to buy groceries and other stuff;

I don't mind that I can't go to the cinemas to watch new films;

I don't mind that I can't afford to have a long, luxurious bath; and

I don't mind that I can't do many other things I used to love doing, as long as I make my children feel comfortable and happy all the time, as much as I can.

It's REALLY fine with me. And I'm glad I took the path of being a WAHM. I'm glad I can afford to be with Kuya and Kassy and their Dad always.

pH Care Feminine Wipes Cool Wind Review

It is almost an addiction to us women to use products that could make us feel clean and fresh all day long. Think about powder, colognes and facial mists we invest our money on, but it is not just the face that counts. Maintaining a good feminine hygiene is also essential because it prevent infections, diseases and other health problems. One way to make sure that your vaginal area is clean is by washing it with gentle soap and water and then drying it off with a clean towel or toilet paper. But as much as we want to wash afterwards every single time we urinate, it is not always possible.

Sometimes, while on travel and I don't have access to clean water and soap, I use my baby's bottom wipes. For me that's okay, since the wipes I use on my baby is also hypo-allergenic, alcohol-free and clinically tested. But baby wipes are for babies. Mothers and women in general should use feminine wipes!

I had the privilege to be given samples of pH Care Feminine Wipes in Cool Wind variant. I love that it is mildly scented and have ActiveCool ingredients that keeps me feeling fresh and clean. It has very gentle cleansing properties so it's safe to use every day. I also love that it comes in packs of 10's, because it's convenient to use specially if you're on-the-go.

Cool Wind is my favorite variant of pH Care Intimate Wash and I am happy I received Feminine Wipes of the same variant. It smells best among the other variants in my opinion. Passionate Bloom is the other variant of the Feminine Wipes from pH Care.

For more information about pH Care's products and tips on how to care for your intimate areas, visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phcarephilippines

Swish Mouthwash and Breath Spray Review

I may not possess a set of teeth worthy of a toothpaste commercial but I have very strict oral hygiene regimen which includes flossing, brushing and gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash . I cannot emphasize enough the importance of always having fresh and good-smelling breath, especially if you spend most of your day talking to clients and other people. First impressions count, so why not make a good one?

Swish is an oral care brand from Innovitelle, made by Unilab. It has Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, prevents plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum disease. Their products are alcohol-free (making it healthy and safe to use) - even children, cancer patients and survivors and pregnant women can use Swish! Swish is available in 4 sizes (35mL, 60mL, 120mL, 250mL) and you can choose from 5 refreshing variants with various minty levels, from gentle mint to intensely strong mint levels:

Gentle Mint — Icy Choco Mint - It blends together the freshness of mint with the goodness of chocolate flavor without the guilt in a sugar-free formulation.
Mild Mint — Mangosteen Mint - A minty treat with the right touch of fruit blended in.
Strong Mint — Peppermint Fresh - Gives you the right minty fresh feeling for an awesome cooling sensation.
Super Strong Mint — Cinnamon Blast - A mix of mint with the perfect blend of cinnamon flavor.
Intensely Strong Mint — Arctic Chill - The right blend of cool and minty with that extra kick of freshness.

I am a regular Swish Mouthwash user, a fan of the Peppermint Fresh variant because it gives my mouth an instant and extra clean. I haven't tried the other variants until a sample of Mangosteen Mint was sent to me through mail, along with the new Swish Breath Spray Arctic Chill

I use 20ml of Swish Mouthwash twice a day for at least 30 seconds. It is ready to use, no need to add water! And I swear it doesn't sting, unlike other brands I tried. But the mangosteen flavor is not noticeable as opposed to the mint. I was really searching for the hint of mangosteen, but could not find it. But regardless of the flavor, it gives my mouth a long-lasting and refreshing feeling which is what I am after in a mouthwash anyway.

I keep the Swish Breath Spray in my purse.  I spray 1 to 2 pumps into my mouth every time I need a quick breath fix. It gives me instant fresh breath, anytime and anywhere in a matter of seconds! It comes in two variants - Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh and retails at Php105. It's very economical and can last as much as 100 sprays.

Swish Mouthwash and Breath Spray
are widely available in your favorite drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

For more information about Swish products, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SwishMouthwash

CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins: Mothers' Choice for Champions!

Personally speaking, one of the toughest challenge of raising my first-born Dirk is to make him take medications and vitamin supplements. He's just not the type who can be easily persuaded to take anything that tastes like meds into his mouth. He has this habit of sniffing and then sticking the end of his tongue out to smell and taste whatever is on the spoon first before taking it all in. And most of the times, we end up mixing the the vitamins in his milk or in his food because he just would not take them. Well, just to make sure that he does not lack any essential nutrients and vitamins his growing body needs.

I was invited by a staff from CCM Pharmaceuticals to attend a bloggers' event earlier this year (dubbed Bloggers Get-to-Know CHAMPS Day), the launch of one of their flagship products - CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins. I could not make it to the said date and venue though, because I am based in Nueva Ecija so the kind Business Manager, Miss Alina Iledan have the products shipped right to my door instead.

Chemical Company of Malaysia is said to be the largest generic company in Malaysia, and CHAMPS is a brand of multivitamins formulated for the health and wellness of the pediatric age group. It has five variants namely CHAMPS Vitamin C, CHAMPS M, CHAMPS M with Lysine, CHAMPS C plus Lysine and CHAMPS Omega3. They come in small chewable tablets and in various shapes and tasty flavors. More details about each variant below:

Fun Vitamins for Protection - CHAMPS Vitamin C Chewable Tablet
  • Contains 100mg Vitamin C (50mg in Calcium Ascorbate, 50mg in Sodium Ascorbate)                      
  • Comes in bottles x 30’s Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Natural Orange Flavor
  • Fun-shaped Heart          
  • Protection against common illnesses

Fun Vitamins to Maintain General Health - CHAMPS M Chewable Dietary
  • Contains Vitamin C, Plus 9 Essential Dietary Nutrients
  • Comes in bottles x 30’s Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting  Natural  Pineapple Flavor
  • Fun, Triangle  Shaped
  • Promotes general health

Fun on Taste, Big on Appetite - CHAMPS Multivitamins + Lysine

  • Contains Lysine 50mg plus Folic acid
  • 9 Essential Multi Vits. (Vit.C 50mg)
  • Comes in bottles x 30’s Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Orange Flavor
  • Fun, Donut- Shape
  • Boosts Appetite

Brain Vitamins for Kids - CHAMPS Omega-3 Plus
  • Contains  9 Essential Dietary Nutrients as Vitamin C and B-complexes plus Omega-3
  • Comes in bottles x 30’s Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Tutti-Fruitti Flavor
  • Fun, Heart- Shaped
  • Boosts  brain development & performance

Fun Recovery Vitamin Combination - CHAMPS C + Lysine
  • Contains  Vitamin C and Lysine
  • Comes in bottles x 30’s Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Tutti-Fruitti Flavor
  • Fun, Donut- Shaped
  • Enhances appetite during sickness for fast recovery.

My pre-schooler is now always looking forward to taking his vitamins. He specifically likes the tutti-frutti-flavored variant in blue, the CHAMPS Omega-3 Plus. I believe it has enhanced his brain performance, as his previous exam results are all very satisfactory. Haha.

Now where to buy CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins for Kids? It's widely available at Mercury Drug, Generika, The Generics Pharmacy and other leading drugstores nationwide at very affordable prices.

Be Back Soon

I would like to apologize to the people who sent me products to review in the past couple of months. As of this writing, I still have three pending reviews and I'd like to assure you guys that I will post them as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, a lot of things happened that affected both my schedule and my ability to post updates on this blog. I don't feel like I'm ready to disclose everything that happened because they're too personal but believe me, they're all valid reasons that could justify my long absence.

Hopefully, I'll be coming back sometime after All Saints' Day. Yeah, that would be next week. I totally miss blogging and commenting on a lot of blogs I love.

Well, I'll be back. Soon, I promise. Hope you're all having a great day! <3 br="">

Breastfeeding Woes

It's been going on for a couple of months now. Kassy could not and would not go to sleep without me by her side to nurse her until she reaches dreamland and honestly,  I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I mean, I couldn't even work now while she naps because every time I try to pull away she instantly wakes up and we'll be back to square one.

My day is completely different now. No more sneaking to my work table to do my tasks and no more anything else besides breastfeeding her even while she's sleeping. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the tasks I need to accomplish. Worst case scenario, I'm afraid I would have to choose between a full time job and directly breastfeeding my child on demand.

You see, my daughter likes getting what she wants when she wants it. And what can I say, my boobs are practically hers! She looks at me as if she owns it now. Ugh. She guards it with her arms even, as if someone's gonna take it away from her. My silly little girl. Oh why don't you want those pacifiers?!

I am trying to commit to 2 years of exclusive and direct breastfeeding... But I just realized it isn't always easy. Perhaps a lot more motivation is what I need at the moment.

7 Ways to Lower Healthcare Costs

While healthcare is an important need for both individuals and families, the costs can add up very quickly. From a simple regular checkup to an overnight stay at the hospital, you may find that your healthcare costs are becoming increasingly expensive and unmanageable. Take a look at the following tips to learn how you can save money on your healthcare related expenses.

Walk and Make Healthy Choices

One way that you can eliminate healthcare costs is by taking care of your body. Consider adding walking to your everyday routine. This can help to keep you in shape and can also help with your overall health.

Other ways that you can make healthy choices include eating better meals and drinking enough water. These are all ways that can contribute to your healthiness and may keep you out of the doctor’s office.

Ask for a Generic Prescription

Many people don’t think to ask their doctor for a generic prescription. This can allow you to save a lot of money each year, especially if you take several prescriptions regularly. Generic medications are significantly cheaper but allow you to get the medication that you need.

Open a Flexible Spending Account

If you have the option to open a flexible spending account, this can be a great way to save money. With this option, you can put away pre-tax dollars throughout the year. This money can be used for medical expenses. This may include prescription drugs, co-pay costs, and other important expenses that may occur during the year. This can also make it more affordable to pay for larger unexpected healthcare expenses, because you are paying regularly through your paychecks.

Review All Medical Bills

You may be surprised at how many errors are found in medical bills. Many of these errors go undetected because most people don’t think to review the charges on their bill. Take the time to review each medical bill that you receive to ensure that you’re not overpaying for your care.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Many people don’t follow the instructions that their doctor gives. This includes prescription usage and other health choices. It’s important to listen to your doctor so that you avoid possible health issues in the future.

Use a Mail Order Service

Many health insurances offer the option to order prescription drugs through a mail order service. This can not only be especially convenient, since you won’t have to go to the drugstore to get your medication, but it can also mean big savings. A 90 day supply can be a lot cheaper than what you would normally pay at the pharmacy.

Get a Good Health Insurance

Are you generally a healthy person? If you don’t have serious health issues and only go to the doctor for regular checkups, you may want to consider a high deductible healthcare plan. While the deductibles can be high, this can lower your monthly healthcare payments significantly, which can make your costs very affordable throughout the year.

Take the above tips into consideration so that you can lower your healthcare costs. Do your homework and research all available options for health insurance. Use reputable online comparison services like eHealthInsurance in America, iSelect in Australia or Gocompare in the UK. The more money that you’re able to save, the more money you will be able to have to take advantage of other opportunities for your family.

First Day at School

Bye bye, summer!
This is it. Summer vacation is over, Dirk is officially a Kindergarten pupil now and there's no turning back.

I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to be with my son on his first day at school, together with his Dad and baby sister. This is definitely one of the priceless perks of being a Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM)! I was given flexible working hours so I can easily shift between schedules whenever needed. And this is one of those days I cannot afford to miss.

I was really nervous at first, because last year when we were trying to enroll him in a day care center near our home he was crying like crazy and begging not to return to school the next day. I was afraid that he'll get traumatized if we force him to attend school even if he's not emotionally ready so I said it's no big deal. He can just skip day care and go straight to kindergarten the following year.

Welcome to Kindergarten, Dirk!

I home schooled him last year, and hired a tutor last summer so he can keep up with his classmates who probably attended pre-school already.  I also made sure that the class is less than fifteen in number, so the teacher can pay more attention to each pupil. And ahoy, they are only 5!

A good boy listens.

Today, Dirk was simply awesome. I was watching at the back of the classroom with baby K, and I can see that he was paying attention to Ma'am J, his teacher. He is really naughty at home but hey, I am elated to know that he knows how to listen to his teacher. I hope and pray that my son learns many things that this institution has to offer.

Painted walls. A part of the recreation room.
This day is special and memorable and I'm glad that I was able to be a part of it.

Wanting to Have My Pre-Baby Body Back

Hoping to have my pre-baby body back.
Being a mother is one of the best blessings I have ever received as a woman. From the very first day of my being a Mom, I see to it that I will be able to deliver and raise my own children - making sure that they are well fed, clothed, housed and educated. I pledged to ensure that they live the life they so deserve and that they are always taken care of. I also try my hardest to keep them away from harm even if I myself get harmed in the process. I make sure that they have eaten first before I do and I will do everything to provide my children the best education so they will be able to catch their own dreams fully equipped.

Living the WAHM life is never easy. With only 24 hours in my hands, I am forced to do several things at the same time just to finish all my tasks.  And more often than not, those tasks need waiting in between so instead of sitting idle, I start another task and just go back to the first when the waiting time is over. This goes on and on every hour of the day, until there is no time left for me to pamper myself and exercise. I spend too much time sitting in front of the computer working and the result is an accumulation of fat in my unattractive and bulging stomach.

But my tummy is not the only problem, I also wish to have flab-free arms and thighs so I can finally parade my pre-baby body confidently again. I am 32 years old and with two kids delivered via C-Section and lack of regular exercise, I seriously and desperately need a mommy makeover!

According to the research, 43% of cosmetic surgery patients are aged 35-50. I’m nearing that age group, but still not an ideal candidate for a Mommy Makeover. Why? Because my husband and I are planning for a third baby in 2-3 years and I have not saved enough for the procedure. Just not my priority at this time.

Often, a mother gives too much of herself that there is no time devoted for herself. It should not be so. If you are a mother and you want to live longer, you have to love yourself also. Eating right, getting enough sleep and regularly exercising should always be in your routine. Buy yourself a good dress or whatever strikes your fancy. Eat ice cream and chocolate once in a while. Go to the movies with your husband or have a crafting session with neighbors and friends.

Whatever your mommy moment is, it is important that you give time to yourself. How about you, would you like a Mommy Makeover?

Advices for Getting Rid of Cracks on the Heel

Millions of people worldwide suffer from cracked heels. While there are individuals who seek treatment from beauty salons, there are those who prefer to suffer in silence. Cracked heels are not only unattractive sights, but cause a lot of discomfort whole walking since the heels bear much of the body weight.
Cracked heels are quite common during hot summer months and are not that difficult to recognize. The development of cracked heels is usually characterized by slight discomfort while walking. Once in a while you may feel some pain, especially when wearing shoes. Should you experience slight discomforts or pains emanating from your heels while walking or standing, then you ought to assess them for cracks or tiny slits. You need to consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible the instant you notice inflammation around your heels.
Whereas a majority of people love walking barefoot, especially on the beaches, garden and river banks, it is not highly recommended irrespective of the health benefits derived from it. When in the house, make a habit of walking in slippers. If you are in the countryside and have no desire of walking in closed shoes, opt for open or ballet shoes. Walking in shoes and slippers causes your heels to become soft rather than hard due to exposure to hard ground.
If you recently noticed cracks forming on your heels, do not ignore the issue. Waiting for the problem to disappear on its own will cause you to develop low self-esteem since you won’t be comfortable exposing your soles in public. Treatment tends to be time consuming. However, the time and effort spent in treating cracked heels is worth it. Moreover, everyday treatment will enable you to avoid the pains and discomforts associated with cracked heels.
At the early stages, you can effortlessly treat cracked heels by applying Vaseline or products made from petroleum jelly. They are quite affordable and can be found in most pharmaceutical stores. Prior to retiring to bed, prepare a foot bath using boric acid and hot water. Deep your feet in the water for about 20 to 30 minutes before wiping the soles dry using a towel. Thereafter, apply on the cracks Vaseline of creams designed for cracked soles. Apply this simple, yet basic technique on a daily basis and you’ll soon notice the difference in your soles.
Petroleum jelly is also recommended for cracked heels that are showing signs of bleeding. However, you need to apply the petroleum jelly alongside a steroid cream containing traces antibiotics in order to avoid instances of infections. While applying the ointment, rub it in a circular motion on the affected areas.
If you would like to accelerate the healing process of cracked heels, it is highly recommended that you massage the affected areas in order to encourage increased blood flow. Before the massage, apply the steroid cream on your hands, rub for a couple of seconds to heat the ointment then apply on the heels using kneading motions. Once you are through, wear socks designed from 100% cotton. Socks function in retaining heat within the heels, which is essential in encouraging blood circulation. But if you have time and desire you probably would be interested in homemade powder for feet to avoid damage of your heels in future.
There are also a couple of other home remedies that you can use to ensure that your heels are restored to their former glory. For instance, you can buy a couple of aloe leaves from your local health store and refrigerate them for about 4 days. Thereafter, pound the leaves with an aim of extracting the juice. Blend the extracted juice with 3 tablespoon of honey and rub the mixture on your cracked heels for 2-3 hours. For best results, allow the mixture to stay on your heels overnight. If you cannot find aloe leaves, then you can substitute them with cabbage leaves. For best results, deep your soles in a foot bath prepared from hot water and chamomile. After taking your feet from the foot bath, apply a moisturizing cream on the cracked parts of the heels. Apple juice is another great home remedy that you can use to treat cracked heels.
If you have tried different home remedies for cracked heels and still are not able to achieve desired results, it is highly recommended that you see a specialist who will recommend the best treatment.

Boost your Immune System with Conzace

I am a work-at-home Mom juggling multiple tasks and managing a tight schedule. My boss depends on me to manage all his clients, our clients depend on me to manage their website concerns and my family depend on me to make ours a happy home. I am hardworking employee, a dedicated concierge and an affectionate and nurturing homemaker in one and I need all the help I can get in maintaining myself healthy and boosting my immune system to get all my duties done.

My father battled stomach cancer and was confined at the Immaculate Conception Medical Center in January to October 2011. That was when I first realized the importance of having a strong immune system and a sharp mind. During that time, I successfully managed caring for both my parents, my son who was only 3 years old then and working full-time and a few part-time jobs at the side. I prioritize my family above all, the reason why I never left my parents' side, with my father battling a fatal disease while my mother trying all her best to make every effort in making his remaining days feeling loved and cherished and more comfortable.

I've been stressed to the core. Those many months, I took a lot Vitamin C, drank a lot of water, and ran outside the hospital 15min daily to keep up with all the emotional and physical drains.

Our body can only absorb up to 400g of Vitamin C.
But our body is limited to absorbing up to 400g of Vitamin C, so we should take other vitamins and supplements that can help boost our immune system. But wait, we actually need to strengthen our white blood cells, too! Why? Because they are the main catalyst in warding off viruses and germs that are associated with common sickness and ailments.

We need strong white blood cells to ward off viruses and germs.
Weak white blood cells will not be able to help you prevent sickness.
Just imagine if your white blood cells are too weak, perhaps because of lack of sleep or too much work and stress... How can they defend our body from sickness?

My doctor recommended that I take Conzace. That was what he prescribed to my father ever since his first major operation in March 2011, and I tell you all, it has helped a lot during chemotherapy. And up this day, my Mom and I still take Conzace.

How does Conzace Help?
  • Conzace has a formula to make stronger white blood cells which means stronger immunity.
  • Vitamin C develops white blood cells (500mg)
  • Vitamins A & E intensify the protection of these white blood cells (100 IU of Vitamin E)
  • Zinc multiplies white blood cells so that we can have the right number of white cells to defend us against sickness. Conzace has higher Zinc than other popular vitamins in the Phils. (25mg Zinc)
Conzace is in soft gel capsules and contains Vitamins A, E, C and Zinc. It's available in drug stores nationwide at Php 12.40 per capsule. I take it every morning after breakfast to make myself ready for every stressful situation the day might bring.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. And for people who have a lot of responsibilities and duties to accomplish day by day, make sure to stock up on Conzace for heavy duty immunity.

Talk to Conzace!

Save Time and Money with High Speed Training

Freelance and online job markets are becoming more competitive each passing day, with more people wishing to avoid the hassles of working on the corporate world. As a work-at-home Mom for almost 8 years, I realize the importance of advancing my knowledge on particular areas related to my work and learning new skills that I can use in pursuing new opportunities. Alas, I can take advantage of yet another online offering, and enroll myself on e-learning courses available from High Speed Training.

I usually multi-task, handling multiple projects at the same time, so taking the Time Management course is my obvious first choice, with the Business Writing Training Skills comes second ( I blog regularly so I wanted to review my writing skills). The duration of the above-mentioned online training courses are one and two hours, respectively.

Time Management training is aimed at anyone wishing to develop key skills across a number of methods, which will enable the candidate to evaluate what is important to them and take the relevant decisive action. On the other hand, the Business Writing course is designed to help employees acquire better written skills and understand the techniques used to improve their writing for different formats.

With the Business Writing e-learning course, I got to review my language and spelling, grammar and types of business writing like emails, newsletters, adverts, media articles and letters.
With Time Management Course, I learned how to:
  • delegate effectively;
  • plan, monitor and review my day to day activities and accomplishments;
  • identify urgent and important tasks;
  • develop strategies to manage interruptions at work and maintain my focus.
What I Love About High Speed Training and The Courses It Offers
  • The website has a user-friendly interface.
  • I can start and finish the course anytime, depending on the schedule I like. I was very busy with my full-time job and my family the past few weeks so I was only able to finish my courses today. Yay!
  • The training materials are very effective. The voice is clear and understandable, and the speed of the audio is okay. The lessons are presented in a concise and clear manner. And just in case you are not comfortable with listening to the audio alone, there is a PDF in the training screen, complete with appropriate photos!
  • If, for some reason, you fail the course, you can re-take with no extra charge!
  • Once you passed the course, a personalized certificate will be mailed to your registered address.
  • Their customer support team is always available to provide excellent customer service.
I recommend High Speed Training and its training courses not just to individuals like work-at-home Moms like me, but to businesses as well. They specialize in food hygiene courses and health and safety training. Staff or employees can be trained individually anytime with minimal costs and you can easily monitor and track the progress of each one of them via their unique training facility.

Save time and money with High Speed Training, a fast and easy avenue for learning that provided me with an overall positive and quality learning experience.

Washing Machines from Tesco

We are a small family of four composed of myself, my husband AP and our kids D and Little K. We are a work-at-home couple who are going through a lot of difficulties lately, but there is nothing as challenging as doing the laundry. We have no house helper or a regular washerwoman since two years ago; there are no laundry shops near the vicinity as well, so my husband and I perform the daunting task ourselves. I admit that the husband is more talented than me as far as washing clothes is concerned, though, so he does it more often.

We generate an average of 80 to 120 pounds of clothes that need to be washed every week, and sometimes more when bed sheets, linens and curtains are included. Our current schedule for washing them is on Saturdays and Tuesdays. We do have a 3-year old washing machine with dryer but I was thinking, what shall we do if it suddenly gets broken?

It’s not covered by the warranty anymore and it underwent too many repairs already. It’s old and battered, and I’m afraid that it will eventually give up on us sooner or later. The husband got the muscles to wrestle all our dirty clothes and make them clean, bright and smelling heavenly once again, but unfortunately he has other tasks and chores to do and doing the laundry by hand will eat up his entire day. And he would not let me do them! No, he would not. 

So for my peace of mind, I began looking for a replacement at online shops and appliance stores last night. As they say, prevention is better than cure and I'm a firm believer! A variety of washing machines from Tesco seem to suit the needs of our household, with a wide range of brands, capacity, speed and other features to choose from. I also found machines that are supposed to work quieter than our noisy one. But I have to take the price in consideration, too, as I do not wish to exceed my budget for household appliances for the current year.

Hopefully, we get this laundry issue sorted out soon so we can both manage our time effectively when at home with our kids. I’m getting used to not having a helper around because taking care of the kids by ourselves makes me feel good somehow. Their smiles and laughter invigorates me. Indeed, family is the real and ultimate inspiration of any WAHM. 

Have a great day!

Cover Safely, Softly and Sensibly with Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth

Unlike his elder brother D, my little baby K is an excessive drooler. It started just this month, and she’s been wetting her tops and shirts like crazy ever since. She is exclusively breastfed and she has developed this habit of chewing her fingers and biting my nipples with her gums as well, so my theory is that she’s teething already.

Because she’s drooling a lot, I see to it that she’s always hydrated. Aside from my milk, I also started giving her distilled water through a dropper which she likes better than drinking from a baby bottle.

I also carry burp cloths all the time, so I can wipe out saliva off her cheeks and chin. I read somewhere that a yeast infection can develop around the mouth area if it’s always wet.

At first, I change her shirts at least 6 times because she and then I suddenly remembered that I still have Christmas presents kept in the closet which includes a pair of Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth and some other things for Moms and babies.

Hug-a-Bib's velcro strap at the back

About Hug-A-Bib and Clippy Cloth- Stay-Put Bib & Burp Cloth
  • The bib can be ordered in your choice of two sayings: “Being This Cute is a Full Time Job”    or "I Was Worth The Weight"
  • Hug-A-Bib is made of a 100% woven cotton interlock front, 100% cotton corduroy back. It has a soft inner layer surrounding an inner waterproof lining.
  • The newborn sized Hug-A-Bib baby bib measures 8” x 10”, the infant sized measures 9" x 11".  This over-sizing ensures that both provide exceptional protection. The front closure is easier on baby’s delicate neck. The one piece Velcro strap secures the bib around baby's waist.
  • Hug-A-Bib is designed to be put on easily with one hand while cradling your baby.
  • Hug-A-Bib will not move on baby.
  • Clippy Cloth is 100% woven cotton interlock front & back. Soft inner lining surrounds inner waterproof layer. 100% copper clip (will not rust).
  • Clippy Cloth measures 12” x 29” to provide superior coverage.
  • Hug-A-Bib will not move on baby.
  • Clippy Cloth will not slide off shoulder.

I absolutely love Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth since the first time I used them on little K! The products are made of 100% cotton and absorb wetness efficiently. I don’t need to change her clothes too often so less laundry to wash. They are soft to touch and my baby is very comfortable using them. Little K gets annoyed with certain types of fabric but she has no qualms with these ones. And most of all, I can put on the bib to my daughter using just one hand, as the Velcro strap can be fastened on her waist easily. They do not move or flap around like other bibs and burp cloths in the market today. And how cute they look on my pretty little K! My darling is totally worth the weight I've put on, don't you think!

Cute little K and her cute Hug-a-Bib

My rating? Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth makes my WAHM life less buggy. It’s absolutely made to cover safely, softly and sensibly!

I fervently hope the awesome lady who sent them forgives my forgetfulness, though! Thank you very much for the sweet thoughts. 

Meanwhile, this work-at-home Mom is super excited for her baby’s first tooth to come out. Don't forget to like Hug-a-Bib on Facebook. See ya!

Setting Up a Home Tutoring Business

If you’re like me you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I make money at home?”.

I’ve ask myself that a thousand times because I have to move around a lot for my husband’s job and I have a child. I have always stayed at home with my son so I am looking for opportunities to work at home.

Let me share my journey.

In 1982 when I was a teaching assistant in the English Dept. at Duquesne University, I strolled over to the ELI (English Language Institute). It was a couple buildings away from College Hall where I taught. The waiting room was full of international students. They smiled when I walked in and some of them bowed to me. I could tell they were right off the boat because of the way they dressed.

I spoke to the receptionist and started to fill out a form to tutor. Sherry Goldman walked in with her glowing smile and my life changed forever. (Sherry was the director in 1982.) She introduced me to some of the students sitting in the waiting room. She served tea and we all sat around chatting, me wanting to know about them and their countries and them trying to communicate with me in that broken English sort of way. Like if you put a bunch of words in a Yahtzee cup and shook them up and spilled them out. However the words landed, that was their sentence. I listened.

Happy 6th Year Anniversary!

Dear Daddy AP,

Happy 6th year anniversary! How time flies. From an inseparable couple to a family of four (but still inseparable), I can't believe it's been that long. We're still very much together, in body, in soul and in spirit, and the bond is going much stronger every day. Our marriage is far from perfect, but who cares? We're all happy and we know it and yes, we do clap our hands. :P

I know I get cranky often, but that doesn't mean I care or love you less. And though at times I say things I'm not supposed to, out of annoyance or anger, I really can't imagine my life without you.

I have my share of bad moods and exaggerated fits, and for those crazy moments I am sorry. I do try to take everything on a positive note but sometimes, or oftentimes rather, I'm just... not in the best of spirits. I know though, that you love me even for my shortcomings. Maybe I'm just awfully stressed. Or whatever. Sorry!

I want you to know that I appreciate every little thing you do for me and our kids, especially those things that are easily taken for granted. Thank you for being a good and caring father, a thoughtful, understanding and supportive husband, a joyful companion and a trustworthy best-friend.

I am truly blessed that you're always here for me, armed with your legendary wit and humor to make me laugh and smile even in my gloomiest days. Saying that you are my reason for breathing or that you make my life complete probably sounds OA, but even those words could not give justice to the love and passion I have for you. Even the famous line "You are my Everything" is an understatement.

Thank you and I love you beyond measure.

With Love Always,
Mommy L


I might not say it often but I do accept and love you for everything that you are. No limits, and no boundaries!

CandyJapan: Mystery Sweets from Japan

I decided to temporarily ban myself from getting beauty subscription boxes and sampling sites. It's addicting, and I love the idea that I'm getting a variety of new products every month at an affordable price; the problem though is I am currently breastfeeding my baby K and many of the products included have ingredients that are not recommended for breastfeeding Moms like me.

But I know one subscription site that anyone can subscribe (except to those with allergies), and it's called Candy Japan! Well, basically, it goes like this: You subscribe to Candy Japan at $23.95 a month (FREE worldwide shipping!) and you will get mystery sweets and candies from Japan in the mail twice a month! Exciting, right? And yummy!

6 Ways To Ensure Your Children's Safety Next To A Swimming Pool

Image courtesy of  Swimming Pools FYI
Many children love swimming. A swimming pool at home can be a very enjoyable health, fitness and recreation feature for your children. However, it's very important that you ensure your child's safety when they are next to or in the swimming pool. Carelessness can lead to accident and mishaps. Below are 6 ways to ensure children safety next to a swimming pool.

Door Alarms
Young children tend to lean against windows and doors that will allow direct access to the swimming pool. Sometimes if the window or door is not properly locked then kids can fall in the pool. When such an incident occurs, the door alarms are automatically activated. The alarms have a very high-pitched sound that is similar to that of a smoke alarm. This will automatically alert you of any danger your kid may get into.

Swimming Pool Covers

They mechanically cover your pool when your kids exit the place. This will provide full protection of your children against jumping or falling off into the pool.

Alarm Bands
The swimming pool alarm bands can be put on the kid's wrist before he/she enters into the pool. The alarms get activated once they are immersed I eater; this will make you aware in case your child faces any risk of drowning. Ensure you remove the alarm bands when your kid is out of the pool to avoid receiving signals even when the child washes his/her hands or even taken takes a bath.

One of the most popular ways to ensure children safety next to a swimming pool is installing a fence around the pool. This fence will restrict kids movements around the pool and therefore reduce any risk of mishap. The fences are of different materials such as metal, fiberglass or wood. The glass fence is most preferred since it gives a fancy look to the pool. You can see a lot of pics at Aqua Vista Glass pool fencing company's website.

However, make sure there are stickers on that fence to make the fence clear and your kid doesn't run through it. Whatever the fence you choose, make sure it's of good height so that kids and pets are not able to jump over it.

Water Quality
You need to make sure that your kid swims in good quality water. Sometimes, swimming pool water may get contaminated with bacteria and other water illnesses such as giardia. Use chlorine to kill all the germs in the water. However, make sure the chlorine level is correct since inappropriate chlorine level can lead to breathing difficulties and burning eyes. Talk to your pool dealer to ensure the water quality is properly maintained. Never let your kid swim in murky looking water.

Proper Supervision
Even if your child is a good swimmer, you need to closely watch him/her. Have your telephone plus emergency numbers with you. Put a clear mark on the deep end and kip your kids in shallow waters if they are not experienced. Spell out some rules: no pushing, no running, no swimming alone and no horseplay. Remind your kids that if they see clouds or thunder, they should get out of the pool immediately to avoid electrocution.

Swimming pools are fun places for children and it's not wise to stop your kids from swimming just to avoid accidents. All you have to do is adhere to the aforementioned guidelines to ensure your children safety by the swimming pool.

Protect Your Children from Rotavirus Infection

Baby K is now 13 weeks old. She now smiles at the sound of my voice and makes cute cooing noises. She follows my every move and sees me from across the room. And most of all, she can now hold and cling to my fingers and give us her sweetest smiles and laughter. She's a happy one who shows signs of being smart like her Kuya D, and I'm one proud Mom. Such a loveable little girl, and we are truly so blessed to have her.

Last Monday, we brought her to her pediatrician for her first dose of Rotavirus vaccine. The vaccine is in the form of oral suspension and is not injected into the baby's bloodstream. It is administered in two doses of 1.5mL that contains live attenuated human Rotavirus RIX4414 strain and is recommended to be given to babies within the age of 6 to 24 weeks. The doctor said that the interval between doses should be at least 4 weeks so we set another appointment after a month to complete K's dosage.

Rotavirus is a virus that causes mild to severe gastroenteritis coupled with vomiting, fever and pain in children. The watery diarrhea causes dehydration that may result in hospitalization and worse, death in children. The statistics I saw on the web while doing some research is really alarming and frightening, with about 50,000 unvaccinated children hospitalized and about 20-40 deaths each year.

2013 New Year Resolutions: Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapering

Duyan / Cradle / Hammock Carry
I did not post my new year resolutions online, but had them written in my journal instead. Because for some reason, I believe that hand written words are more powerful and gives an extra dose of encouragement than computer-written ones. I put my journal beside my laptop so I see it all the time. And when I see it, it seems like its inviting me or rather challenging me to turn the words into action and reality.

I am not going to mention everything on my list here, because it's quite long. I broke it down to categories namely Blogging, Finance, Health, Family&Recreation&Travels and Parenting/Motherhood/Kids. This post is focused on the Parenting/Motherhood/Kids category where I have listed three NEW resolutions this year. And this 2013, I pledged to do:

Breastfeeding - Today is exactly three months after I gave birth to little K. I bottle-fed her during the first three days because I didn't have milk then, but as soon as I felt a surge of milk in my breast, I started breastfeeding her. It was an agony at first, my breasts were swollen and hard and very painful, but thanks to Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm, everything went smoother after a week or so. I also started drinking two glasses of Anmum Lacta during the second week, and two capsules of Moringana after a month. I wasn't joking when I said that I want to give the very best for my children and this is a part of that aim.

I am breastfeeding K exclusively now, since she was 6 weeks old. She doesn't want the nursing bottles and I don't force her to, even though sometimes breastfeeding her means another delayed task. ;)

Cloth Diapering - I am delaying this one until I my daughter is at least 6 months old. This I hope will give me ample time to find a regular washerwoman so I won't be forced to wash diaper inserts in between doing VA tasks on my computer. We're using disposables, but we're doing good so far, no redness or rashes because I use Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream on each diaper change.

Photojeepney: One-Stop Online Photo Center

Photos are an integral part of everybody's lives. They say that a picture paints a thousand words and I can only acquiesce to that. And we all want to keep our most precious memories in any way possible, right?

Introducing Photojeepney

Photojeepney is the newest online digital photo printing and imaging service to hit the Philippines by storm. It's a one-stop online photo center that offers a variety of products and services including, but not limited to the following:
  • Online Digital Photo Printing
  • Imaging
  • Fun Art Services
  • ID and Card Services
    Keychains and Frames (Wood/Plastic)
They can send and receive digital image files to and from virtually anywhere in the world and enhance them, turning your photos into valuable and precious memorabilia. Their Fun Art Services is a popular gift idea in particular, especially this graduation season. Photos can be made into a cute and funky caricature or cartoonized art, a photo montage, or a cover photo you can use on your Facebook account. They can also produce photos filtered with different instafects such as puzzlefects, photo surreal, photo splash and picture to oil painting services.You may choose to receive either a digital file of the output or a printed file in various sizes or both.

They also accept Customized Projects so if you have an idea in mind which is not in the products and services mentioned above, feel free to contact them using the details at the end of this post for a quote.
Payment Options and Shipping

All transactions are done online through the Photojeepney website. Their products and services are very affordable and they accept the following payment options:
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Over-the-Counter via any Cebuana Lhuillier branch
  • BPI Bank Deposit
  • ATM (Soon to be available)
Please do note that additional transaction charges may apply depending on the payment method you selected.

Photojeepney ships nationwide, so you can have your photos printed in high quality and delivered right to your doorstep.

Contact Details:

Contact Nos.: 661-4108, 0917-6673864, 09182715950 or 0923-6576946 (Look for Michael)
E-Mail: customercare@photojeepney.com
Website: http://www.photojeepney.com/

Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector from Avon Philippines

This arrived last February 28. The note says that I'm one of the first to try Avon's fastest wrinkle fighter ever, Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector treatment with AF33.

AF33 is short for Amino Fill 33, a breakthrough skincare exclusively patented to Avon. Based on dermatologist-supervised clinical studies, this formula is proven effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines in as early as 7 days! Here's a quick rundown:
  • Day 1 - 7         Deep wrinkles begin to fade
  • Day 8 - 14       100% of women showed improvement in fine wrinkles in just 14 days
  • Day 15 - 21     Reduces wrinkles in 3 dimensions: depth, length and number
  • Day 22 - 28     6 out of 10 women who considered cosmetic procedure who tried this product said that improved their skin so much they decided to postpone it.
I will be 32 years old this coming March 24th and when I look into the mirror, I can see fine lines already on my forehead and in the eye area. But the product has Retinol which is not recommended for breastfeeding women so I'm gonna pass for now and will give the 28-day trial pack to my Mom.

I will just ask her for photos documenting the trial. Thank you for my Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector, Avon Philippines!

For more details, please visit Avon Philippines on Facebook and on Twitter.


Review: Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream

Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream
One of the most common drawbacks of using disposable diapers is the higher probability of your baby to develop diaper rash. These red rashes are caused by a fungus called Candida that thrives in warm and moist areas, like the skin beneath the diaper. This is why I chose to use cloth diapers for my firstborn Dirk.

This time, however, we ran into a bit of a problem. We can't find a regular 'labandera' to wash our clothes twice a week, like we did before. So washing cloth diaper inserts can be really challenging for a full-time work-at-home Mom like me. I don't even have a "Yaya" for my two kids now so I do everything like a superMom. The reason why even if I advocate and fully support cloth diapering, Kassy is using disposables.

I don't fear the dreaded diaper rashes, though, because I don't give them a chance to develop on my precious baby's skin. No, no, no, no. Not a chance! What I do to protect my daughter's skin from rashes? Read on below:
  • I see to it that the diaper is changed often so as not to irritate her skin by exposing to wetness for long.
  • Putting on a diaper that is too tight is a NO as well. It prevents the air from flowing through that would result into a warm and moist environment, the perfect condition that the fungi wants! Shoo!
  • I always keep her skin dry and clean. I use baby wipes made of natural cotton and alcohol and parabens free.
Aside from those mentioned above, I also apply a medium to thick layer of Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream at each diaper change.It is specially formulated to minimize the risk of developing redness, rashes and other irritation. It's paraben-free, phthalate-free and phenoxyethanol-free so definitely no allergic reactions!

The cream is white in color and just a bit thinner compared to toothpaste. It's scent is so good, the perfect scent for babies, which my husband and I truly like. It glides on to skin smoothly, can be removed easily and it doesn't stain! I sometimes accidentally put some on the colored clothes, quilts and baby blankets and I got worried at first, only to learn later on that it can be easily removed using a little soap and water.

Another thing I love about it is that it lasts a long time. I've been using this on Kassy since December but the tube still have about one-fourth of the content left. They say Mustela products are expensive but they're really worth it. Especially if you look at its benefits. Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream is proven effective in:
  • protecting the skin against the aggression of urine, stools and diaper friction;
  • helping early signs of redness disappear;
  • soothing sensations of discomfort with Vitamin B5; and
  • softening the skin with Shea Butter.
So you see, it helps to have an armor and not just a gun in the combat against nasty diaper rashes. And I've found both in Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream. Offense and Defense in One. Kassy haven't develop any rashes so far.

Definitely makes this WAHM's life less buggy. :)

Mommy-picked Baby Headwear from Honeybaby

Wearing the triple hydrangea headband in fuschia.
I'm still very much behind with my blogging tasks. But believe me when I say I have a couple of valid reasons, and the best reasons at that.

One, I got busy with our little family. A few readers of this blog might recall my post about my maternity leave being extended. It was supposed to be for only 30 days, but my Boss could not help but be more generous every passing day and granted me additional days with pay. My actual maternity leave period begun last December 14, 2012 when I gave birth to Kassy and ended last February 3, 2013. 50 days in total! And it's been great, really great. I was able to spend more time with my family and friends, especially my little one.
Two, I got busier when I resumed work.  Kassy and I got too close with each other and literally "magkadikit palagi" when I was still on leave so when it ended, it was too difficult for me especially during the first two weeks. I could not accomplish my tasks on time because I am breastfeeding her on demand, and she seem to always want to nurse. :) I can only work when she's asleep. But things are getting much better now. I requested for a flexible working schedule from my Boss which was approved instantly. I also decided not to accept too many freelance projects on the side. I believe that there's a time for everything and my family is clearly my priority right no. Hopefully, I'll be active in freelancing again when Kassy at least is a year old.

Anyway, I would like to share with you all a few of the many gifts my daughter received last Christmas. These goodies from Honeybaby store were waiting for us at home when we were discharged from the hospital last December 16, 2012. And hey, adorable is an understatement! The sun hat, the crochet hat and the flower head bands are all too gorgeous! My little one indeed had an early Christmas. :) 

Lavender Delight crochet hat

Pretty Sun hats. Kassy owns a cherry-colored one pictured at the top.
Four seasons head bands.

Triple hydrangea head bands.

The hats are for babies 6 months and older so they doesn't fit yet. The head bands, on the other hand, became a staple in Kassy's everyday outfit. 
Kassy sporting the four seasons headband.
Thank you, Mommy Angelica Dimayuga for these beauties!

Aside from hair and head accessories for little girls, this growing online store also carry colorful fedora hats for the boys.  They cater to all cuties, girls and boys, newborns to kids aged 7 years old. Honeybaby has been featured in Smart Parenting magazine, a finalist for the Best Mommy Management Idea and the winner of Sulit.com.ph's People's Choice Award during the Multiply Origination Awards last January. These features and recognitions prove that not only are their products cute and quirky, they're also of the highest quality.

So what are you Mommies waiting for? Get the best and the prettiest hats and headbands for your babies. Honeybaby offers FREE shipping for new customers and for purchases worth Php1000 and above. They also have a gift wrapping service for any occasion. Visit Honeybaby Online store in Multiply and in Facebook for updates on their newest collections.  Have fun shopping!