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Guest Post: Setting The Valentine’s Day Mood

Valentine's Day has always been a good occasion for couples to challenge their imagination and prepare a special romantic dinner at home. This calls for a lot of preparation, shopping and a bit of imagination. Setting the right mood and atmosphere might seem challenging but there are a few ways to seal the deal and have a fantastic romantic dinner that only happens once a year. There are tons of supplies specific to this period of the year available but knowing what to pick makes the difference. Red, white and black are the main themes that will create the right kind of atmosphere for all couples that wish to share their feelings and celebrate Valentine's Day. To make sure that things are right, there are five major tips that everyone should follow.

1. Setting The Table

Not only what you put in the plates is important. A properly arranged dinner table for such a special occasion should focus on red, white and black. Solid black or white dinnerware is very popular. Red glasses can be added to complete the color mix. This combination is not set in stone. Some might appreciate the glamour that black and white patterned dinnerware brings.

2. Flowers

There is no romantic dinner if flowers are not used to decorate the room and the table. Roses are excellent for this occasion and just like with the table preparation, white, red and black are the desired colors. Red roses symbolize love while the white ones are considered to be a symbol of purity. To avoid making it look like a cliché, the flowers should be placed in a tight, single-colored vase, preferably white, wrapped with a black ribbon. The color of the ribbon and the vase can be switched depending on how they fit the overall décor of the room.

3. Candles

Almost all romantic movies with a dinner scene have flowers and candles as part of the romantic décor. Candles might seem like a cliché but their effect cannot be denied. The pale light always deepens the romantic atmosphere in the room. The room lights should be dimmed to intensify the effect of candles. The thing with candles is that all colors work just fine, since there are so many great choices online, in stores and nowadays even in malls. As far as scented candles are concerned, one thing is to be considered - scents should be mild and pleasant, so one should keep this in mind when selecting candles for the occasion. Sometimes, the flowers in the room should be enough.

4. Room Decorations

The table might look great but the room must not be neglected. Glass bowls filled with red candy can be placed here and there. As mentioned above, red should be an overall theme across the house which should be easy to accomplish with some pillows, flowers and vases. However, heart shaped objects should be avoided as they tend to leave the impression of poor taste in terms of decorations and a cliché-istic tendency.

5. Paper Decorations

Paper can be used to make decorations for Valentine's Day. Since everyone loves the old black and white love movies, getting some still scenes of couples and printing them can add a touch of style. Personal photos can also be printed in black and white for the same effect. Additionally, presents can have paper tags with love messages written on them.

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