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8 Reasons People Choose Not To Work Out And How To Tackle Them

Some people make working out seem to be so much fun and the worst part is that we tend not to see the fun in it. As a result, we come up with all these excuses of how we cannot work out today, tomorrow or the day after. This diminishes any effort of making any progress and achieving our fitness goal. Here are some of the excuses that people make for not working out and how to tackle them.

1. It is raining

You can simply work out at home. For a good cardio, you can run up and down the stairs or simply jump rope. If you have weights in the house, you can do a few exercises or simply use your own body weight to do strength training. You therefore have no excuse of not working out because it is raining and you cannot go to the gym.

2. You cannot make time
If you cannot spare thirty to forty five minutes a day then you can simply multitask. For instance, if you have to take your family out during the weekends, take them hiking or swimming; if you are going on a date, suggest something like playing tennis or basketball.

3. I have to sleep

Prepare a schedule where you can slot in everything that you do including your work outs. If you are traveling, ensure that you book hotels where they have a gym or at least there is a gym nearby.

4. Gym membership is expensive

You can simply save up enough money by cutting down on little luxuries such as buying coffee and instead brewing your own. Find out which luxuries you can do without and you will be surprised at how much you can save in a month. Try reading this article and you'll see where your money goes.

5. My work out is boring

Reverse how you do your work out. You can do reverse grip curls, reverse bench presses, etc. You can even change the way that you count. If you are used to counting 1, 2, 3, you can change it to be 3, 2, 1.

6. I can't see results so it's useless to work out

It depends on where you are looking. Some people look at how much they have lost or how much they have gained. Sometimes the results appear in many ways such as an increase in stamina, weight, etc. In addition, there are certain aspects that may be holding you back such as your diet, sleep patterns, stress, etc which might be interfering with your work out.

7. I do not have energy

This means that you are not consuming the recommended amount of calories in a day. If you are actively working out, this means that you need more calories therefore aim to consume more foods with higher calories. Avoid foods with empty calories such as french fries, burgers, etc as they add no value to your body.

8. I always get injured

Perhaps you are rushing things and this is why you always get hurt. Start slowly. If you work out with 50 pounds, do not suddenly start working out with 100 pounds. Add the weights slowly or instead make your work out more difficult by lifting the weights much slower than before.

So there you are. No more excuses. Start exercising and you'll see the difference.

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