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When The Going Gets Tough

Quick post...

I haven't been updating this blog lately because Kassy still don't have a yaya, so the hubby and I takes care of her and Kuya Dirk instead. And in all my busy-ness, I never got to post my New Year resolutions, my one word for 2013 and a few reviews in my list yet. But I will, and hopefully soon!

I had hoped to practice cloth diapering with Kassy again like I did with Kuya Dirk, but it's also hard to find a regular labandera in our neighborhood to do our laundry twice a week. We ended up using disposable diapers, which makes me somewhat disappointed. I pledged to go green, and I can't. Well, It's really hard to be a working-SuperMom. I realized that I can't do everything I wish to do, even if I have all the inspiration I need.

I couldn't blog as much as I want because I can only go online whenever the little girl is asleep. I am exclusively breastfeeding her, and she is now very much attached to me and couldn't stand being away for more than 5 minutes! So I do everything with a time limit. Geez, I'm missing my long, luxurious baths now. All I can do these days is a quick shower because if I go over the 5-minute limit, I will soon hear her howling outside the bathroom door.(Yes, she's really that high-maintenance.)

Anyways, heads up, Moms! Carters is having a 40% OFF Entire Site, including Osh Kosh. I didn't buy anything (yet), I just want to share these photos of Kassy wearing Christmas gifts from my Boss.

Carters Baby Essentials
Kassy wearing the 3-Piece Pull-On Pant Set

Kassy wearing the 2-Piece Hooded Cardigan Set
The middle photo is for 6-12 months while the other two are for 3-6 months but they fit already! :) The Cotton Zip-Up and Play jumpsuit is still in the closet. 

( I'm missing my FBW and BC Bloggers family. Hopefully I can join you again soon! Have a great one! )

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