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2013 New Year Resolutions: Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapering

Duyan / Cradle / Hammock Carry
I did not post my new year resolutions online, but had them written in my journal instead. Because for some reason, I believe that hand written words are more powerful and gives an extra dose of encouragement than computer-written ones. I put my journal beside my laptop so I see it all the time. And when I see it, it seems like its inviting me or rather challenging me to turn the words into action and reality.

I am not going to mention everything on my list here, because it's quite long. I broke it down to categories namely Blogging, Finance, Health, Family&Recreation&Travels and Parenting/Motherhood/Kids. This post is focused on the Parenting/Motherhood/Kids category where I have listed three NEW resolutions this year. And this 2013, I pledged to do:

Breastfeeding - Today is exactly three months after I gave birth to little K. I bottle-fed her during the first three days because I didn't have milk then, but as soon as I felt a surge of milk in my breast, I started breastfeeding her. It was an agony at first, my breasts were swollen and hard and very painful, but thanks to Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm, everything went smoother after a week or so. I also started drinking two glasses of Anmum Lacta during the second week, and two capsules of Moringana after a month. I wasn't joking when I said that I want to give the very best for my children and this is a part of that aim.

I am breastfeeding K exclusively now, since she was 6 weeks old. She doesn't want the nursing bottles and I don't force her to, even though sometimes breastfeeding her means another delayed task. ;)

Cloth Diapering - I am delaying this one until I my daughter is at least 6 months old. This I hope will give me ample time to find a regular washerwoman so I won't be forced to wash diaper inserts in between doing VA tasks on my computer. We're using disposables, but we're doing good so far, no redness or rashes because I use Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream on each diaper change.

Babywearing - I'm really glad I've found MayumiandMe, where I bought my SaYa baby carrier. At first it was difficult for me, but with the help of instructional guides and videos on YouTube, I think I'm doing well enough. I've been babywearing for a month now but I only mastered two positions so far, the Duyan and the Yakap positions. But I noticed that K likes being carried in a Duyan less and less (except when she's sleeping) so I carry her in the Yakap position often. She likes it more, what can I say! ;)

I've started doing the Tangan position a couple of weeks ago, but on a few times that I tried with K, she seemed uncomfortable and irritated so I stopped for the meantime. I am not easily discouraged so I'm gonna try it again in the future, as well as other new positions.

A lot of my friends have been asking me where I bought my SaYa baby carrier and are interested to know more about babywearing. Some even tells me that I am the first babywearing Mom they know, and asks me questions related to baby carriers, its safety and such. And because I do not claim to be an expert in this field, I am going to do some research first, and try other carriers and slings one by one. Oh yeah, karir kung karir! :P

Anyway, if it's worth your time, here are the photos I posted on Facebook. And watch out for a giveaway next month! :)

Tangan /Buddha / Kangaroo Carry
Yakap / Hug Carry

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