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Yoga and the Male Body - Health Benefits of Yoga for Men

Ten years ago, if a man openly proclaimed that he was doing yoga, his masculinity would be jokingly put into question by his peers. But due to the revelation of popular male athletes and celebrities such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, John McEnroe and Wayne Gretzky, the art has been accepted by the mainstream male population. Hollywood has also romanticized the male yoga instructor as men who have such undeniable appeal and impressive physique sure to make the ladies in the class swoon. Health benefits of yoga for men for have been stressed to versatile athletes looking for non-taxing exercise outside the court and field.

One type of yoga that has been popular within men is Bigram yoga. It is also called hot yoga because it is done in a room heated up to forty degrees Celsius which hastens detoxification during the whole session. Health benefits of yoga for men take on both physical and mental levels simultaneously. Aside from these, men are amazed that their usually stiff postures can now take on flexible and sometimes almost impossible positions at will. Yoga is for everyone regardless of size and physique, unlike sports which are usually dominated by certain stereotypes. Here is a roundup of the main benefits that men take into account when considering enrolling for the class.

Whole Body Workouts

Some active sports such as football, hockey and tennis will only make use of ten to fifteen percent of the body. With yoga, a whole session with different poses will cover every joint, muscle and organ. The cardiovascular, muscular-skeletal and endocrine system will all equally benefit. Even body parts that are commonly ignored such as the knees and lower back are given attention. With this kind of workout, the whole body is oxygenized as opposed to only a few body parts depleting the oxygen supply. This will result in a more refreshed and energized feeling after every session without the soreness.

Bedroom Benefits

Some poses are favored by men because they revitalize the body and improve endurance. The Eagle Pose and Triangle Pose exercise the heart and lungs to stimulate the circulation of clean blood and oxygen throughout the body, especially to the sex organs. Flexibility is also a plus factor for men who practice yoga.

Mental and Physical Balance

Any man who does regular yoga restores his biochemical levels and energy. Toxins are flushed out from the body thus improving resistance against diseases and giving the men a “glow” similar with women. Balance and coordination is improved because of the focus, discipline and attention required and cultivated during classes. Men have been shown to have more efficient learning and mental clarity with just a few sessions. Their moods are gradually stabilized; flare-ups and prideful egos are shed. Majority of the people taking yoga eventually make better and healthier lifestyle choices to complement their overall improvements.

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