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CandyJapan: Mystery Sweets from Japan

I decided to temporarily ban myself from getting beauty subscription boxes and sampling sites. It's addicting, and I love the idea that I'm getting a variety of new products every month at an affordable price; the problem though is I am currently breastfeeding my baby K and many of the products included have ingredients that are not recommended for breastfeeding Moms like me.

But I know one subscription site that anyone can subscribe (except to those with allergies), and it's called Candy Japan! Well, basically, it goes like this: You subscribe to Candy Japan at $23.95 a month (FREE worldwide shipping!) and you will get mystery sweets and candies from Japan in the mail twice a month! Exciting, right? And yummy!

Here are photos of the actual candies I received last Christmas 2012:
Japanese seaweed candy
Japanese hocolate and cookies
Yummy Japanese sour candies
And here is a sample photo of other candies they mailed out before:
About Candy Japan

Candy Japan is a project of a budding entrepreneur from Finland, Bemmu Sepponnen. He studied Japanese in Tokyo as an exchange student and has developed a fascination with anything Japanese. This led him to start Candy Japan with the intention of making authentic Japanese sweets and candy products available to people living outside Japan. 

Payment and Shipping
  • Paypal or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and Diner's Club)
  • Shipping is FREE anywhere in the world
Again, for anyone with allergies, this one is not for you. Most of the candy packaging are in Japanese so it's hard to know the ingredients.

For more information, please visit Candy Japan's website.

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