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Review: Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream

Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream
One of the most common drawbacks of using disposable diapers is the higher probability of your baby to develop diaper rash. These red rashes are caused by a fungus called Candida that thrives in warm and moist areas, like the skin beneath the diaper. This is why I chose to use cloth diapers for my firstborn Dirk.

This time, however, we ran into a bit of a problem. We can't find a regular 'labandera' to wash our clothes twice a week, like we did before. So washing cloth diaper inserts can be really challenging for a full-time work-at-home Mom like me. I don't even have a "Yaya" for my two kids now so I do everything like a superMom. The reason why even if I advocate and fully support cloth diapering, Kassy is using disposables.

I don't fear the dreaded diaper rashes, though, because I don't give them a chance to develop on my precious baby's skin. No, no, no, no. Not a chance! What I do to protect my daughter's skin from rashes? Read on below:
  • I see to it that the diaper is changed often so as not to irritate her skin by exposing to wetness for long.
  • Putting on a diaper that is too tight is a NO as well. It prevents the air from flowing through that would result into a warm and moist environment, the perfect condition that the fungi wants! Shoo!
  • I always keep her skin dry and clean. I use baby wipes made of natural cotton and alcohol and parabens free.
Aside from those mentioned above, I also apply a medium to thick layer of Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream at each diaper change.It is specially formulated to minimize the risk of developing redness, rashes and other irritation. It's paraben-free, phthalate-free and phenoxyethanol-free so definitely no allergic reactions!

The cream is white in color and just a bit thinner compared to toothpaste. It's scent is so good, the perfect scent for babies, which my husband and I truly like. It glides on to skin smoothly, can be removed easily and it doesn't stain! I sometimes accidentally put some on the colored clothes, quilts and baby blankets and I got worried at first, only to learn later on that it can be easily removed using a little soap and water.

Another thing I love about it is that it lasts a long time. I've been using this on Kassy since December but the tube still have about one-fourth of the content left. They say Mustela products are expensive but they're really worth it. Especially if you look at its benefits. Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream is proven effective in:
  • protecting the skin against the aggression of urine, stools and diaper friction;
  • helping early signs of redness disappear;
  • soothing sensations of discomfort with Vitamin B5; and
  • softening the skin with Shea Butter.
So you see, it helps to have an armor and not just a gun in the combat against nasty diaper rashes. And I've found both in Mustela Bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream. Offense and Defense in One. Kassy haven't develop any rashes so far.

Definitely makes this WAHM's life less buggy. :)


  1. I've used this before when my boy was still a young baby. It might be a bit expensive but its all worth it.

  2. Mustela is a trusted brand when it comes to baby care so I'm sure this is a good product, too.

  3. I remember using Desitin during my baby's diapering days.

  4. When my daughter was still a baby,I use Drapolene for her rashes.

  5. That must be an expensive product because of all the wonderful benefits you mentioned, but if it's really effective, then it's all worth it! I'll inform my friends with babies about this cream.

  6. This product is great especially to those who have infants and are "maselan" this can really help making the baby feel comfortable and rashes free =)

  7. great product for sensitive skins!

  8. I can vouch to this product. This has been used by my daughter before.