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Happy 6th Year Anniversary!

Dear Daddy AP,

Happy 6th year anniversary! How time flies. From an inseparable couple to a family of four (but still inseparable), I can't believe it's been that long. We're still very much together, in body, in soul and in spirit, and the bond is going much stronger every day. Our marriage is far from perfect, but who cares? We're all happy and we know it and yes, we do clap our hands. :P

I know I get cranky often, but that doesn't mean I care or love you less. And though at times I say things I'm not supposed to, out of annoyance or anger, I really can't imagine my life without you.

I have my share of bad moods and exaggerated fits, and for those crazy moments I am sorry. I do try to take everything on a positive note but sometimes, or oftentimes rather, I'm just... not in the best of spirits. I know though, that you love me even for my shortcomings. Maybe I'm just awfully stressed. Or whatever. Sorry!

I want you to know that I appreciate every little thing you do for me and our kids, especially those things that are easily taken for granted. Thank you for being a good and caring father, a thoughtful, understanding and supportive husband, a joyful companion and a trustworthy best-friend.

I am truly blessed that you're always here for me, armed with your legendary wit and humor to make me laugh and smile even in my gloomiest days. Saying that you are my reason for breathing or that you make my life complete probably sounds OA, but even those words could not give justice to the love and passion I have for you. Even the famous line "You are my Everything" is an understatement.

Thank you and I love you beyond measure.

With Love Always,
Mommy L


I might not say it often but I do accept and love you for everything that you are. No limits, and no boundaries!

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