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Cover Safely, Softly and Sensibly with Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth

Unlike his elder brother D, my little baby K is an excessive drooler. It started just this month, and she’s been wetting her tops and shirts like crazy ever since. She is exclusively breastfed and she has developed this habit of chewing her fingers and biting my nipples with her gums as well, so my theory is that she’s teething already.

Because she’s drooling a lot, I see to it that she’s always hydrated. Aside from my milk, I also started giving her distilled water through a dropper which she likes better than drinking from a baby bottle.

I also carry burp cloths all the time, so I can wipe out saliva off her cheeks and chin. I read somewhere that a yeast infection can develop around the mouth area if it’s always wet.

At first, I change her shirts at least 6 times because she and then I suddenly remembered that I still have Christmas presents kept in the closet which includes a pair of Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth and some other things for Moms and babies.

Hug-a-Bib's velcro strap at the back

About Hug-A-Bib and Clippy Cloth- Stay-Put Bib & Burp Cloth
  • The bib can be ordered in your choice of two sayings: “Being This Cute is a Full Time Job”    or "I Was Worth The Weight"
  • Hug-A-Bib is made of a 100% woven cotton interlock front, 100% cotton corduroy back. It has a soft inner layer surrounding an inner waterproof lining.
  • The newborn sized Hug-A-Bib baby bib measures 8” x 10”, the infant sized measures 9" x 11".  This over-sizing ensures that both provide exceptional protection. The front closure is easier on baby’s delicate neck. The one piece Velcro strap secures the bib around baby's waist.
  • Hug-A-Bib is designed to be put on easily with one hand while cradling your baby.
  • Hug-A-Bib will not move on baby.
  • Clippy Cloth is 100% woven cotton interlock front & back. Soft inner lining surrounds inner waterproof layer. 100% copper clip (will not rust).
  • Clippy Cloth measures 12” x 29” to provide superior coverage.
  • Hug-A-Bib will not move on baby.
  • Clippy Cloth will not slide off shoulder.

I absolutely love Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth since the first time I used them on little K! The products are made of 100% cotton and absorb wetness efficiently. I don’t need to change her clothes too often so less laundry to wash. They are soft to touch and my baby is very comfortable using them. Little K gets annoyed with certain types of fabric but she has no qualms with these ones. And most of all, I can put on the bib to my daughter using just one hand, as the Velcro strap can be fastened on her waist easily. They do not move or flap around like other bibs and burp cloths in the market today. And how cute they look on my pretty little K! My darling is totally worth the weight I've put on, don't you think!

Cute little K and her cute Hug-a-Bib

My rating? Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth makes my WAHM life less buggy. It’s absolutely made to cover safely, softly and sensibly!

I fervently hope the awesome lady who sent them forgives my forgetfulness, though! Thank you very much for the sweet thoughts. 

Meanwhile, this work-at-home Mom is super excited for her baby’s first tooth to come out. Don't forget to like Hug-a-Bib on Facebook. See ya!


  1. That Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth make moms' jobs a lot easier. Why didn't I find them when my son was still a baby?

  2. Bibs are moms and babies' essentials especially when they are drooling and during eating time and almost anytime, anywhere. Good there are products like this one that are so helpful to us moms, makes the job easier right?