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Advices for Getting Rid of Cracks on the Heel

Millions of people worldwide suffer from cracked heels. While there are individuals who seek treatment from beauty salons, there are those who prefer to suffer in silence. Cracked heels are not only unattractive sights, but cause a lot of discomfort whole walking since the heels bear much of the body weight.
Cracked heels are quite common during hot summer months and are not that difficult to recognize. The development of cracked heels is usually characterized by slight discomfort while walking. Once in a while you may feel some pain, especially when wearing shoes. Should you experience slight discomforts or pains emanating from your heels while walking or standing, then you ought to assess them for cracks or tiny slits. You need to consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible the instant you notice inflammation around your heels.
Whereas a majority of people love walking barefoot, especially on the beaches, garden and river banks, it is not highly recommended irrespective of the health benefits derived from it. When in the house, make a habit of walking in slippers. If you are in the countryside and have no desire of walking in closed shoes, opt for open or ballet shoes. Walking in shoes and slippers causes your heels to become soft rather than hard due to exposure to hard ground.
If you recently noticed cracks forming on your heels, do not ignore the issue. Waiting for the problem to disappear on its own will cause you to develop low self-esteem since you won’t be comfortable exposing your soles in public. Treatment tends to be time consuming. However, the time and effort spent in treating cracked heels is worth it. Moreover, everyday treatment will enable you to avoid the pains and discomforts associated with cracked heels.
At the early stages, you can effortlessly treat cracked heels by applying Vaseline or products made from petroleum jelly. They are quite affordable and can be found in most pharmaceutical stores. Prior to retiring to bed, prepare a foot bath using boric acid and hot water. Deep your feet in the water for about 20 to 30 minutes before wiping the soles dry using a towel. Thereafter, apply on the cracks Vaseline of creams designed for cracked soles. Apply this simple, yet basic technique on a daily basis and you’ll soon notice the difference in your soles.
Petroleum jelly is also recommended for cracked heels that are showing signs of bleeding. However, you need to apply the petroleum jelly alongside a steroid cream containing traces antibiotics in order to avoid instances of infections. While applying the ointment, rub it in a circular motion on the affected areas.
If you would like to accelerate the healing process of cracked heels, it is highly recommended that you massage the affected areas in order to encourage increased blood flow. Before the massage, apply the steroid cream on your hands, rub for a couple of seconds to heat the ointment then apply on the heels using kneading motions. Once you are through, wear socks designed from 100% cotton. Socks function in retaining heat within the heels, which is essential in encouraging blood circulation. But if you have time and desire you probably would be interested in homemade powder for feet to avoid damage of your heels in future.
There are also a couple of other home remedies that you can use to ensure that your heels are restored to their former glory. For instance, you can buy a couple of aloe leaves from your local health store and refrigerate them for about 4 days. Thereafter, pound the leaves with an aim of extracting the juice. Blend the extracted juice with 3 tablespoon of honey and rub the mixture on your cracked heels for 2-3 hours. For best results, allow the mixture to stay on your heels overnight. If you cannot find aloe leaves, then you can substitute them with cabbage leaves. For best results, deep your soles in a foot bath prepared from hot water and chamomile. After taking your feet from the foot bath, apply a moisturizing cream on the cracked parts of the heels. Apple juice is another great home remedy that you can use to treat cracked heels.
If you have tried different home remedies for cracked heels and still are not able to achieve desired results, it is highly recommended that you see a specialist who will recommend the best treatment.

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