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Approved Refund Request from GoDaddy

On December 11th, I checked my online bank statement and was surprised to see a Php4,668.17 charge from GoDaddy. Upon checking, it turned out to be a one-year hosting renewal for a supposed-to-be blog project that I decided not to pursue anymore. I didn't realize that the auto-renew is on. My fault. I got really stressed because with that amount, I can buy so many presents for my family and godchildren already. Also, it's my daughter's birthday three days later and I would appreciate additional funds just in case my budget isn't enough.

I decided I'd appeal for a refund. Right then and there I sent a very nice refund request to billing@godaddy.com. Within two hours, I received this response:
Thank you for contacting Online Support. If you did not wish to renew the item(s) in question, we will be happy to offer you a refund or an In-Store Credit for your account. An In-Store Credit is an account credit that can be used for any future orders by selecting In-Store Credit in the shopping cart. However, we will need you to first cancel the item(s) in question within 45 days of the renewal date. Once canceled, please reply to this email and specify whether you would prefer a refund or In-Store Credit for the canceled item(s).
So I cancelled the hosting for the domain and emailed them back to let them know that I would prefer a refund. Their staff are really really fast and very accommodating. Here's what they sent:
Thank you for your response.  I have requested that a refund be applied to your account as per your request. Please allow 5-7 business days to see the funds applied to the associated payment method. If you do not see your refund within 7 business days you will want to contact the financial institution linked to the original payment method for further assistance.
And so I thanked them and sent a Christmas greeting in return. True enough, I received the refund in my bank account just five days later. Yey!

Here is the timeline of the incident:

12/11 - My bank was charged with Php4,668.17 for 1-year hosting renewal.
12/12 - Emailed GoDaddy Support and requested for a refund, which was approved the same day.
12/16 - Refunded amount received in my bank account.
I really commend GoDaddy Support Team for an excellent customer service. I went back to my account and made sure that the auto-renew is OFF for items that I have no plans of keeping.

Anybody with a similar experience? How many days later did you receive your refund?

Blog-Blog Din Pag May Time

Hi, Mommies!

Google is rolling out its latest Page Rank update today until the next couple of days perhaps, and the blogging community is buzzing with excitement. I, on the other hand, feel a little anxious and worried. Why? Because I've been a very very bad blogger the past few months. 

My blog updates are very few and far between. I got lazy busy. I used to tell myself that I don't care about losing my blog's PR, pero eto ako ngayon at kakaba-kaba because my blog is in danger of losing its PR1 status. Why wouldn't I get worried eh a couple of weeks ago I found out that my Domain Authority dropped from 31 to 29. Most advertisers want at least 30 pa naman. Huhu.

Anyway, I'll be doing some changes over the next couple months in both its content and design. When I started this blog, I didn't have a plan, ang gulo-gulo tuloy. Pati ako naguguluhan. I am tempted to enroll in a blogging academy I found via Facebook but I find it a bit expensive. 8k yata. At this point I am still not ready to invest that much, ang dami namang free resources sa internet. I would greatly benefit with the coaching sessions siguro, pero hindi pa din. Try ko pa din mag-DIY na lang muna. :)

Wish me luck!

Dirk's Progress: First and Second Grading Period

On November 29th, I saw my son's report cards at last. The school did not release the cards for the First Grading Period because their teacher had a miscarriage and a replacement took over the class. The grades were not submitted on time so it was agreed that both the first and the second grading results will be released at the same time. And here it is!

Yes, success! Nakaka-PROUD! My son seems to be good in academics. Mukhang mas matalino sa akin. Math - 99.20 eh ako sa Math hirap na hirap. Haha. Naks, Top 2 ang bebe ko at wala pang 1 point ang lamang ng topnotcher nila. I'm a super duper proud WAHM!

When I enrolled him last June, I am only hoping that he makes it through the school year without any incident - like tantrums at the classroom - because up until I saw his report cards, I thought that's the only thing he's really good at. Throwing tantrums - at home at least three times a day, at the mall, at the church... everywhere! Haha. Ang sama ko! But really, I am glad that his teacher says he is well-disciplined, polite and good in recitations and discussions. I was like "Wow, that's totally unexpected!". May ganun pala, makulit sa bahay pero disiplinado sa school.

The teacher also said he shows inclination to Music and Arts. This, I already know. When we went to SM City Pampanga last year, he was insisting on buying a drum set for kids. He was only four years old then, so I didn't give in even though he was crying at the store already. Such madness. Haha. Naloloka ako pag naaalala ko. Until now, every time we go to SM Pampanga, iniiwasan namin ang store na yun. Baka makita na naman at magngangawa dun.

Husband and I talked about it, and we agreed on buying him more expensive things when he knows how to take care of them already. As of now, hindi pa din. So no drum set for him as of yet. If he grows up and decides to be a musician, I'm sure hindi lang drum set ang ipabibili nya. I saw a fryette amps at musicians friend, even if the website says their price is very competitive and affordable parang di pa din kaya ng budget. Nakakaloka, pag naging musician ang anak ko mukhang mamumulubi ako. Hahaha.

And then I realized, we really need to save more so we can support our children in whatever career path they decide to take in the future. Their dreams are our dreams. And as parents, nothing can make us feel happier than seeing our children making their dreams turn into reality.