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Approved Refund Request from GoDaddy

On December 11th, I checked my online bank statement and was surprised to see a Php4,668.17 charge from GoDaddy. Upon checking, it turned out to be a one-year hosting renewal for a supposed-to-be blog project that I decided not to pursue anymore. I didn't realize that the auto-renew is on. My fault. I got really stressed because with that amount, I can buy so many presents for my family and godchildren already. Also, it's my daughter's birthday three days later and I would appreciate additional funds just in case my budget isn't enough.

I decided I'd appeal for a refund. Right then and there I sent a very nice refund request to billing@godaddy.com. Within two hours, I received this response:
Thank you for contacting Online Support. If you did not wish to renew the item(s) in question, we will be happy to offer you a refund or an In-Store Credit for your account. An In-Store Credit is an account credit that can be used for any future orders by selecting In-Store Credit in the shopping cart. However, we will need you to first cancel the item(s) in question within 45 days of the renewal date. Once canceled, please reply to this email and specify whether you would prefer a refund or In-Store Credit for the canceled item(s).
So I cancelled the hosting for the domain and emailed them back to let them know that I would prefer a refund. Their staff are really really fast and very accommodating. Here's what they sent:
Thank you for your response.  I have requested that a refund be applied to your account as per your request. Please allow 5-7 business days to see the funds applied to the associated payment method. If you do not see your refund within 7 business days you will want to contact the financial institution linked to the original payment method for further assistance.
And so I thanked them and sent a Christmas greeting in return. True enough, I received the refund in my bank account just five days later. Yey!

Here is the timeline of the incident:

12/11 - My bank was charged with Php4,668.17 for 1-year hosting renewal.
12/12 - Emailed GoDaddy Support and requested for a refund, which was approved the same day.
12/16 - Refunded amount received in my bank account.
I really commend GoDaddy Support Team for an excellent customer service. I went back to my account and made sure that the auto-renew is OFF for items that I have no plans of keeping.

Anybody with a similar experience? How many days later did you receive your refund?


  1. Very nice post. I'm currently in a situation where I purchased 8 domain names to which I then received an email stating that each domain name registration was unsuccessful. I've contacted them about a refund and have not heard back from anybody in that company yet. It has been 4 days so far. I do hope a refund is given. The funny thing is how fast the payments go through for them, and how slow a refund is given back to a customer.

    1. They handled my case promptly and it was resolved in 5 days. I suggest sending a follow up email to make sure they received your request. :)