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4 Ways to Stay Connected and Productive at Home

Speaking from experience I can tell you it is such a relief not to have to juggle a full-time career with family and child responsibilities.  I’m sure many of you can relate to this.  I’ve tried to work that out over the years, believe me.  I would come home after a full day of work to a messy house, empty fridge and 2 starving children who have to play soccer in 20 minutes.  

I have found that our family works better when the mother is in the building.  My husband even admits it’s easier on him if I’m on duty 100 percent of the time so when he comes home from work he can just chill or we can chill together and just enjoy each other and that is a very good feeling.  That doesn’t mean that I’m against full-time career women with children.  I’m actually inspired by them. 
Especially the ones who find that work life balance.  

Women that make time for themselves, their children and spouses while enjoying a rewarding and fulfilling career really do have it all.  I just don’t believe it happens very often. It’s ideal but it doesn’t work. There is no question, in my mind anyway, that being a full time mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world – I’ve done it and the only thing harder is a full-time working mom.   I’ve done that too.  

The part I loved the most about having a full time career was the routine and structure but soon after having my kids came along I realized that I was just spread far too thin and life was whizzing by too fast.  Whether it’s a decision for you to work or not, I believe as mothers we need to support and respect each other’s individual choices. 

Rising fuel costs along with green initiatives and health concerns are causing commuters to stop and rethink their careers and get clarity on what’s really important to them.  Many job seeking mothers place work life balance as a primary motivator and are looking for flexible work environments.  Employers are seeing the advantages of supporting off site employees.  The ability to reduce the expense of office space along with advancement in technology is forcing employers to redefine how their workforce is structured. 

Here are 4 ways to stay connected and productive at home:

Video and Web Conferencing

With a home office or home based business you can have a meeting at 8 am while other employees are stuck in traffic trying to get to work.   You can develop teams, networks and peer groups without ever leaving your home.  According to this infographic developed by InterCall, by 2020 it is estimated that the average American will spend 41 hours in traffic each week. Online meetings from companies like Intercall allow you to host webinars, audio conferencing, online training seminars and multi-point video conferencing making it easier and more productive for everyone involved. 

Social Media 
Many of my writing opportunities came through my connections online.  It’s a great way to build a network of supporters and you can market your products and services for free.  Through Twitter, Facebook and my blog I have connected with people from all over the world.  That really helps me stay on top of my interests and my writing career.  

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the internet’s next evolution.  It provides customizable means by which every service you need to run a business can be delivered to you.  There are so many cloud based productivity tools to explore and it continues to be a huge trend in the marketplace today. 


Mobile computing is a mega trend and according to former Windows leader Steven Sinofsky, "Mobile platforms will be part of nearly every purchase or transaction. Anything requiring reservations, tickets, physical resources, delivery, or scheduling will only win the hearts and minds of the new urban if available via mobile."
About the author: Carrie Wynne is the author of 10 Ways to be Deliriously Happy – How to Live an Inspired Life.  She conducts personal development workshops based on the principles in her book showing others how to connect to the power within themselves and develop mental strategies to create an incredible life.  As a professional sales consultant she also offers training, coaching, and sales seminars.  Connect with Carrie on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  1. I totally agree with that first line. It's not really easy to be a SAHM. Being a HOUSE MANAGER is hard hahaha! No pay even. I'm thankul for having online friends. I'm using WhatsApp over iPhone. It's my virtual way to a friend all the way from France :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jhari! :) I suggest you start paying yourself for being a house manager. It's a tough job! Haha.

    2. Very true, in my experience being a full time mom with an 8 month old baby its very tough and exhausting.

  2. Your points are all true, and I consider it a real blessing to be able to work at home. It is very hard, but it's the life I would choose if ever I had to do it all over again! As for your strategies, I get to use social media and mobile more than I need to! :-P

  3. I work from home and I am not a mother. I am single but it is still challenging to balance life and work since there are many distractions. Kudos to moms and all the working people who do it all!

  4. Being a working mama is not EASY! especially when I started working when my kids is 23 months and 6 month old... After almost 3 years doing it I finally get used to my daily routine:)

  5. Working from home may not suit everyone because the opportunities may be limited but the rewards are truly numerous! I work from home too and I certainly love and enjoy my life now. I no longer have to wake up earlier to prepare plus the commute time with the traffic is really getting worse.

  6. I truly agree with you that's why I've finally decided to stay at home and be a WAHM. It's not true that you can only be productive in an office set up, I'm busier now more than ever. :)