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Home Decoration Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is fast approaching and more often than not, we ladies find ourselves picking our brains for ideas on how to decorate our homes for the occasion. We all tend to get a little crafty always sometimes , looking for inspirations from one blog to another written by crafty Moms who unselfishly share photos, tips and tutorials of their projects... and it can get really tedious.

There are various decoration ideas we can do that can help us make Valentines Day even more special. In fact, Pinterest is full of them! But it can be hard to sift through every one of them to find things to do that you didn't already try in the past. It's hard to stay inspired, too.

So to help you decide on which decorations to use and
perhaps even learn something new, I've compiled 5 of my favorites. Read on below for some of the prettiest decor ideas that you can do yourself for Valentines Day! Be inspired!

Flowers: Make it perfect! A hint of bright red or pink blooms in a bouquet or centerpiece helps create the Valentine's Day mood when strategically placed. Fresh flowers are perfect - you can use roses, tulips, carnations, orchids, sakura - place them in a basket, base, glass, pot, cones, beaker or a test tube even. Or you can DIY artificial flowers made of paper or fabric. The possibilities are endless!

Banners or Buntings: Make it festive!
Aside from paper, you can also use fabric (like burlap) for making a Valentines Day banner or bunting. Prettify with washi tapes in bright colors and beautiful patterns, felt or doilies and hang them in bakers twine with arrow clips - there you have it!
Sweet Treats for the Sweet Tooth: Make it delightful! Back in High School, I always look forward to February 14th because of all the cookies, candies and chocolates I get. Put them in a gorgeous plate, box or jar and place it in a table as a centerpiece.
Frames: Make it memorable! Frame your family photos and embellish with ribbons or flowers to make it romantic. You can also make framed art with different materials. Perhaps print your favorite love quotes and put it in a frame? You can choose to be simple or extravagant. It's all up to you! 

Make it romantic! Light the candles, dress up and play soft music - who wouldn't be in the mood for love?

Which Valentine decoration idea is most inspiring to you?
Do you have any other favorites not on this list?


  1. Absolutely adorable!!! Love the frame and banners....Lovely Valentine craftiness.

  2. Flower decoration is the best among all. It brings joy and freshness. Thank you for sharing this ideas with us.

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