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One Word 2014: ROAR

I think my 2013 was good enough, but you know... I mean, really, is this all I got? Is that all I can achieve? Is that all I can accomplish?

My overall performance was lackluster. Amateurish. Unremarkable. I need a change. I need motivation. I need improvement. I can do more. And I choose one word to keep myself on track and motivated this 2014: ROAR.

Yeah, I got it from the Katy Perry hit song of the same title which inspire hundreds of people to speak up, stand up, and bring out the best in themselves.

"Hear me ROAR!"

And yeah, it is also with reference to the Great House of Lannister's official motto, you fellow Game of Thrones fanatic. The Lannisters are smart and strategic people. Exactly how I intend to be. If I want to reach my goals and aspirations, I have to think smart and plot my actions strategically.

This is how I want to live my 2014. I will ROAR, not with anger, not with defiance, but with happiness to impart to other people. I will ROAR with my family, friends, colleagues and God.

My name is Lexi and you will hear me ROAR.


  1. Interesting choice of word. Look forward to hearing your roar all the way in South Africa. I chose the word enough for 2013. I blogged my reasons why here: http://www.ilovedevotionals.com/2014/01/when-you-dont-feel-like-enough.html

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Wendy! I love your website so much that I even subscribed to your daily updates. :)