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Glam Up with Pure 'N Fresh Feminine Wash & Cologne - Fabulously Pretty

Prom season is soon to be over, but before it ends, here's a little something for you teenage girls! This is a guest post by my sister-in-law Arra Pearl.

It's prom season, and you’re probably going crazy about the whole preparation thing – choosing the right dress, snagging the perfect pair of shoes, and all that jazz! What’s more, there’s the stressful (but completely exciting) task of deciding on the ultimate hairstyle that will blow everyone’s mind away. With all these things to worry about during prom season, it’s only natural to feel a little bit stressed out. But you know, it’s never healthy to let stress get the best of you. When everything seems quite hectic, it helps to relax and think about the essentials – keeping yourself fresh even when under pressure.

Great Way to Stay Fresh

You may have the most gorgeous dress, hairstyle, and all those prom essentials. However, if you don’t feel good from the inside, you can't expect yourself to feel completely confident even with your posh makeup on. 

So, what does it take to feel and look fresh? Simple. Pure 'N Fresh Feminine Wash and Cologne - Fabulously Pretty. This new product from Unilab is specially formulated to meet every teen’s needs, you can expect total satisfaction, and you’ll be more at ease about yourself even if the party goes on all night long!

Not convinced? Watch this!

What’s In The Bottle?

Pure N Fresh has been made even better, as it now comes with additional milk proteins that protect your sensitive areas With the milder formulation and fresher scent, you’ll be more comfortable about using a product that’s tailored according to your unique needs. Practicing good hygiene comes too easy, and you’ll never have to worry about any signs of irritation such as itching, foul smell and rashes. And you know what that means – as long as you feel fresh inside, the confident vibe will just reflect with the way you move and flash that amazing smile.
Image source: @justarrapearl on Instagram
Feminine Hygiene 101

Soaps may work well on your body, but this isn’t advisable to keep your sensitive areas clean and fresh. They tend to dry up your skin, which can have a drastic effect on your pH level. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before you start itching or noticing strange odors that only add to your stress level. Just imagine these nasty symptoms showing up during your prom night. Embarrassing, right?

Pure N Fresh makes it easy to stay fresh and feel great about yourself from the inside and out. Ideally, it works better when used regularly, particularly during that time of the month. It is enriched with mild Chamomile extract that helps keep your skin smooth and soft while taking all impurities away. Since it’s pH-balanced, there are no risks of infections or irritations. It effectively eliminates bacteria that cause odor and itching, and you’ll fall in love with its fantastic fresh scents.

Image source: @justarrapearl on Instagram

Boost Your Confidence and Look Effortlessly Cool

So, ready to party the night away and strut your stuff this prom season? With Pure 'N Fresh Feminine Wash and Cologne, you surely can! Grab a bottle and make it a habit to use this product regularly to get all the fantastic benefits it offers. You'll realize how simple it is to look and feel amazing with this great product made just for active teens like you.

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  1. I got curious about this product so I bought one during my last trip to the grocery...try ko khit hindi na ako teens hehehe...