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Rediscovering Robinsons Supermarket in Robinsons Townville Cabanatuan

Whenever I have to go grocery shopping, I always make sure that the supermarket I choose offers affordable prices and that the place is comfortable and safe for me and my kids. 

I shop weekly for the kids' needs and monthly for household and miscellaneous items at nearby grocery stores. I'm used to that schedule and it has worked for me years, but whenever I get the chance to go to Cabanatuan City which is 45 minutes away from our house I try to maximize my
time, effort and money and opt to shop at Robinsons Supermarket in Robinsons Townville Cabanatuan

They have the lowest prices, they often offer promotions and discounts for my favorite products and what else can I say, it's a fantastic place to shop. The selection of products are amazing, the food quality is higher and healthier and the arrangement and presentation really makes a huge difference.

Promo shelves like the "Wow! Low, Low Prices", "Robinsons Rewards Members Only" and "Apple Tag" shelves pictured above are strategically placed to catch shoppers' attention. The wide aisles are perfect to accommodate busy mommy shoppers with kids in tow like myself. 

I especially love the new Health and Wellness section where you can find a wide selection of healthy products for the whole family. You don't even have to scour the racks a long time looking for the items you need because they are labeled appropriately. You have choices for a healthy heart in a separate section, weight control choices in another, kids supplements and medicines, etc. This new section have everything that you need that would make you feel well and healthy! What a joy to shop here!

New products are introduced to shoppers in the What's New section near the entrance. Perfect place so you wouldn't miss to check out the new products being launched in the market.

And in my opinion, the best improvement I saw in Robinsons Supermarket was the "Shop Smart" labeling on price tags. Green tags for healthy products, Yellow tags for Robinsons Supersavers products, Orange tags for discounted products or products with special bundling and White tags for regular-priced products. 

Aside from the supermarket, I also noticed great improvements in Robinsons Department Store and Robinsons Appliances. I like the wider aisles filled with products on sale, aptly called the "power aisles". Robinsons Townville Cabanatuan also organized fun booth games outside where participants can win prizes for doing activities and challenges. I went at lunch-time and it's really hot outside so I passed the chance to participate in the mini-games. There was also a meet-and-greet with Maricar Reyes in the third floor that day, too bad I have to go home early. 

For anyone interested in getting good products while not spending too much, Robinsons Supermarket in Robinsons Townville Cabanatuan is bound to enhance your shopping experience.  Unarguably one of my favorite places to shop. 

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