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My 2017 Goals


Been really busy this past two weeks with work and my kids, and some backyard gardening (and PMS-ing). I didn't even notice that half of January is almost over and I'm late as usual to post my goals for the new year.

Like the past few years that's passed, no more new year resolutions. What I have this year is a small

list of actionable goals covering almost every aspect of my beautiful but chaotic life.

A Balanced 2017

This is not my first time to choose one word for the year. I tried it in 2014 but it simply didn't stick with me. Did I choose a wrong word? Of course not. It didn't work for me because my body, heart and soul, was not into it.

I tried to do more, achieve more, live more, but perhaps due to too many tasks I needed to perform, it instead made me lose focus. Multi-tasking is a myth, and I agree.