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A Balanced 2017

This is not my first time to choose one word for the year. I tried it in 2014 but it simply didn't stick with me. Did I choose a wrong word? Of course not. It didn't work for me because my body, heart and soul, was not into it.

I tried to do more, achieve more, live more, but perhaps due to too many tasks I needed to perform, it instead made me lose focus. Multi-tasking is a myth, and I agree.

Before I reveal my one word for 2017, I'd like to take this opportunity to look back and reflect on the past year first.

In Year 2016, I:

- emptied our savings account to build a house from scratch.
- got angry easily and quarreled often with my husband.
- quit freelancing.
- made lots of bad decisions.
- wasted too much time on social media.
- tithed less.

But 2016 is not about all things bad. I celebrate these things everyday, in fact.

- We moved to our new home (though still not complete) last October.
- I started a small business.
- I picked up a new hobby.
- I turned 35, yay!

2016 was:

- overwhelming,
- exhausting, but still
- full of happiness and small wins each day.

That was it. It wasn't perfect but I feel so blessed. Although sometimes I wish I could do more to make our current financial situation better. Like going back to freelancing and building other side business. I don't know, because at this point, with a clingy 1 year-old forever in my arms, I don't think it's possible.

Anyways, I thought about this long and hard and I finally chose BALANCE as my one word for 2017. Because it's what I need to find. Balance and harmony in every aspect of my life. Last year when I started a new business venture, my husband and I got busy and we sometimes missed attending holy mass on Sundays. And then because of my desire to cut down our expenses, I tithed and gave less. I also wanted to take care of everybody that I ended up neglecting myself.
The key to finding balance is knowing when you've lost it.
So this 2017, I will:

- find balance for all the things in my life: spiritual, family, friends, financial, environment, physical, intellectual, career, travel, etc.
- maintain my focus and work towards achieving my goals while making sure I am not neglecting myself and the people around me.

I hope this time it sticks with me.

Happy New Year!

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