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Hello, welcome to AWAHMSLIFE.COM

My name is Lexi, a Work-at-Home Mom and a Jane-of-all-Trade. I am a devoted wife to my husband Andrew and a Wonder Mom to my children D, K and A.

I love to write about my products that work for me and my kids, personal finance and family matters in general.  I also blog about personal experiences and things that make my WAHM life exciting at times.

My life is far from perfect. Every day, I encounter different problems and issues that make my WAHM life a bit more challenging (sometimes complicated) and I'm here to share them to the world. Hoping, in my own little way, to inspire and encourage other people to learn from the lessons I picked up from challenge that comes my way.

Connect with me!

I am pretty much all over the web. If you feel the need to connect with me for any reason, please do. I would love to hear from you.


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